KKB: DAP trashed PN

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KKB voted for DAP, not for Pakatan Harapan and certainly not for Anwar.

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Here’s how to win a soccer game – score more goals than your rival or watch your enemy score own goals (ignore penalty shoot-outs). The result is out and the Democratic Action Party (DAP) Pang Sock Tao has won the Kuala Kubu Baharu by-election with a 3,869 vote majority. DAP, a component of Pakatan Harapan coalition, grabbed 14,000 votes against the opposition.

Opposition Perikatan Nasional candidate Khairul Azhari Saut only garnered 10,131 votes. Parti Rakyat Malaysia’s Hafizah Zainudin and Independent Nyau Ke Xin lost their deposits after capturing 152 and 188 votes, respectively. The defeat of Khairul, who is from Bersatu or Malaysian United Indigenous Party, also means the people reject the disgusting politics of racial and religious hatred.

Crucially, despite a 61.5% voter turnout rate, which is lower than the 2023 state election (69.25% turnout), DAP captured slightly more percentage votes (57.21%) on Saturday (May 11) than previously. The late three-term assemblywoman Lee Kee Hiong won 54.40% of the total votes in the 2023 election. The fact that other candidates got less than 200 votes each means the plan to split votes did not work.

With a 61.5% voter turnout rate, translating to approximately 24,650 out of 40,226 voters in the constituency who had cast their ballots, Bersatu Khairul managed to win only 41.40% of the total votes. That’s a shame and disappointment considering the ethnic breakdown of Kuala Kubu Baharu’s electorate consists of Malay (47.63%), Chinese (30%) and Indian (17.41%).

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Still, the results show 85% of Malays still preferred Perikatan Nasional, a racist and extremist coalition which depended entirely on the community for votes. This also means a slap in the face of Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, who has obviously failed to swing Malay votes despite splashing billions of dollars to appease the ethnic and screaming till his face turned blue in championing Palestinians.

Regardless of whether Opposition Perikatan Nasional fields a Chinese candidate (as it did in 2023) or a Malay candidate, it still can’t win the mixed seat. However, as published previously, fielding a Malay candidate would be a tactical error for DAP as it will not be able to swing enough Malay votes to offset Chinese votes lost due to frustration or anger.

The Democratic Action Party was smart enough to realize that it could not convince the Malay voters, the majority of whom had already made up their minds to vote for Malay-centric Perikatan Nasional – along the race and religion lines. Besides, it’s the job of UMNO-led Barisan Nasional to deliver the Malay votes to prove that it is a valuable partner in the next 16th General Election (2027).

While Anwar had not done anything meaningful to help its partner DAP in the Kuala Kubu Baharu by-election, the United Malays National Organization (UMNO) appears to have helped swing the police and army’s vote in favour of enemy-turned-ally DAP. Unlike last year’s state election, Pang Sock Tao received 592 votes compared to Bersatu candidate Khairul Azhari Saut’s 156 votes.

That’s a total reverse of what happened in 2023, when Perikatan Nasional captured 530 votes compared to Pakatan Harapan’s 146 votes. This round, Pakatan grabbed 84.1% (249 votes) of police votes – up from just 23.47% (119 votes) in 2023. At the same time, the army’s votes for Pakatan also increased to 54.2% from 16% in the same period of time.

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Perikatan Nasional, who saw its popularity among the police plunged to 15.8% (47 votes) from 76.5% (388 votes), as well as a drop to 45.8% (71 votes) from 84% (142 votes) among the military voters, has no one to blame but itself. It has offered nothing except instigating Malays against non-Malays, and has been too clueless and incompetent to talk about bread-and-butter issues.

Make no mistake, DAP could have lost the seat (or at least won with a razor-thin majority) if not for the three own goals scored by MCA and PAS Islamist party. The majority of 4,119 votes won by Lee Kee Hiong in 2023 – translated to 15% of voter turnout – means DAP could have lost if 10% Chinese and 5% Indian voters chose to stay at home to protest the Anwar-led Pakatan Harapan.

Cry baby MCA president Wee Ka Siong scored the first own goal to help DAP. Throwing tantrums, he announced that his party would not campaign for bitter rival DAP. He complained – “After happily insulting MCA, now you want MCA to help campaign for DAP? Do you think MCA has no dignity or feelings, when my party members are insulted by DAP leaders, should I, as the MCA president, remain silent?”


The Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), despite being a component of Barisan Nasional coalition, which in turn is a governing partner of the Anwar-led Unity Government, had decided to boycott DAP because Wee arrogantly thought MCA still commanded 5% support of the Chinese community – extremely crucial for DAP-Pakatan Harapan. But it backfired spectacularly.

It is one thing to refuse to campaign for DAP. It is another thing altogether to mobilize MCA’s grassroots and machinery to incite ethnic Chinese to vote for Perikatan Nasional. Despicable Wee willingly worked with racist bigot Muhyiddin, who accused Christians of working with Jews to Christianise Malaysia, along with extremist Hadi, who radicalised people with violent Islamic extremism during the 2022 national polls.

Chinese traitor Wee Ka Siong was the first to scramble to sign the statutory declaration to support traitor Muhyiddin Yassin as the 10th Prime Minister after the 2022 election which produced a hung parliament. People still remember how backdoor PM Muhyiddin previously launched a political coup to steal the Pakatan Harapan government through treachery and betrayal in 2020.

MCA’s relentless attacks on DAP not only reminded Chinese voters in Kuala Kubu Baharu who the real enemy is but also diverted attention from Anwar’s poor leadership. The initial dissatisfaction over the Anwar administration, which mole MCA hoped would turn into protest votes to help Perikatan Nasional, did not materialise. Instead, it turned into hatred of MCA’s treasonous and the Opposition’s dangerous racism and radical Islamisation.

The second own goal scorer was none other than PAS information chief Ahmad Fadhli Shaari, who challenged DAP’s Pang Sock Tao to reveal her SPM and UPSR results. It was part of the Islamist party’s effort to sabotage its own partner Bersatu due to bad blood and competition between both parties for the Iron Throne. Economy and education are two most important things to the Chinese community.

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But when Pang shared her excellent academic results – 5As in all subjects in UPSR and 10As in SPM – the PAS racist and extremist mocked and insulted her vernacular school – SJK (C) On Pong Hulu Langat and SM Chung Hua Port Dickson – before stirring up racial and religion sentiments among the Malays that the Pakatan Harapan candidate had studied in “Chinese schools”.

The PAS information chief knew education is extremely important to ethnic Chinese, yet he furiously attacked the vernacular school. None of Bersatu leaders dare to play such an issue for fear of retaliation and strategic reasons. The Islamist party was adding fuel to the fire – uniting the Chinese voters instead of splitting them at a time when some were frustrated and disillusioned with PM Anwar.

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It was not a coincidence that the PAS Islamist party attacked Chinese schools rather than raising bread-and-butter issues. It was designed to destroy Bersatu so that it would lose the by-election. There are 5 SJKC Chinese schools and 2 SJKT Tamil schools in Kuala Kubu Baharu. An attack on vernacular schools is an attack on all Chinese and Tamil schools.

Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin and Selangor Bersatu chief Azmin Ali, who had been tirelessly leading the Perikatan Nasional campaign for the by-election, could only watch in disbelief as PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang scored the third own goal. At the eleventh hour, Hadi warned UMNO members not to repeat the mistake of losing power as what happened in Singapore.

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The snake oil salesman falsely accused DAP, an offshoot of Singapore’s People’s Action Party (PAP), as an extreme party that wants to seize not only Malay’s political power but also to destroy Islam’s power in Malaysia. Hilariously, it was only last October that the hypocrite PAS welcomed with open arms a high-powered Singapore delegation to PAS-administered Kelantan.

Hadi’s attack on DAP was both excessive and overkill. It was an insult to the intelligence of even the Malays in Kuala Kubu Baharu to suggest that the minority race Chinese in Malaysia could seize power. DAP has only 40 seats in the 222-seat Parliament. Thanks to the PAS president, Chinese voters were “inspired” to rally in full force behind the Democratic Action Party when they should be sleeping at home.

Perikatan Nasional already reached its peak since last year. Hence, no amount of racial and religious hatred or rhetoric could increase the Malay votes for the opposition. Even if it can win 100% Malay votes, which it can’t, there are only a maximum 47% Malay votes in Kuala Kubu Baharu. The seat has never been won by a Malay candidate before and you need Chinese and Indian votes to win.

The Opposition should realize that up to 95% ethnic Chinese were united behind DAP. They were neither thrilled nor blindly trusted Anwar Ibrahim. As a pragmatic race, the minority Chinese knew that to remain strong, they had no choice but to support DAP as it was the best option on the table. On Saturday, they voted for DAP, not for Pakatan Harapan and certainly not for toxic Anwar. – Finance Twitter