Mariam Mokhtar: Fadhlina Sidek & Anwar Ibrahim are messing with the lives of our children

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Why are we breeding little Jihadis?

Teach them STEM subjects, not protest. Look at the GT teachers’ faces in the video. Do they think it is fun and games? They are breeding little Jihadis. Parents speak out now!

The viral video tells a shocking story. It was sent to me and allegedly started today in our schools. Or at least in one school. One is too many.


Do teachers think it is fun and games? It is an insult to the memory of all those children and teenagers killed in shoot-outs in America, Gaza, or anywhere in the world. Violence begets violence.

If you’re not happy, then contact your ADUN or MP.

Anwar, come home to Malaysia and in particular to your parliamentary constituency in Tambun to sort out the mess there. When you’re done, there is the problem of the economy, the tanking ringgit, the unemployment, the discrimination and the intrusion of religion in our daily lives.

Sort out your own backyard before traipsing to the Middle East to kay poh chee in their affairs.

Perhaps you should stand for election in Gaza and leave us to sort ourselves out here.

And Fadhlina should stick to syariah family law. Education will suffer under her.

Why are we breeding little Jihadis?