Mariam Mokhtar: It Is Good Friday Today

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On this Holy Day…a message from the Singapore mufti.

Here is how the Singaporeans do it.

The letter below is from the Mufti of Singapore, Nazirudin Mohd Nasir. He expresses his warmest wishes to Bishop Terry Kee, of the National Council of Churches of Singapore, on the occasion of Good Friday and Easter Sunday, in this Holy Week.

The Mufti quotes scriptures and talks about commonalities.

He is mindful of the Coronavirus threat and said, “…This crisis will bind us even stronger in our commitment and resolve to support one another, as we face an uncertain world and future.”

He concludes by saying, “I am confident that with greater unity and deeper friendship, we will emerge stronger, as one united Singapore.”

Good Friday commemorates the death of Jesus on the cross.

Easter…the most important day, in the Christian calendar.

For my Christian friends, have a blessed day today…and on Sunday, a Happy Easter to you.

In this very difficult period which has hit the world, here’s wishing you and your family, good health, prosperity, longevity, love, hope and peace this Easter and always.