Mariam Mokhtar on male teacher’s jokes about rape

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First, we had period checks. Now a male teacher jokes about rape. The Ministry of Education is producing rubbish quality teachers. These teachers are in charge of our children. Minister Radzi, what is your response? You have two deputies. All 3 gaji buta.

What sort of teachers is our nation producing?

The teachers are in the formative years of our children.

The photo says it all.

Check out Malaysiakini for the full story. Here is the link. A video of the teenager’s allegations can be seen in the article.

This teacher should be sacked and be put on the sexual offender’s register.

Teenager, Ain Husniza Saiful Nizam, said that the students were discussing sexual harassment during a physical and health education class at her school in the Kuala Selangor district.

The lesson started off well, with discussions on sexual harassment, taking care of their bodies and knowing their rights.

The teacher then made some jokes, normal ones at first. Then it all went downhill and more crude.

When the class was discussing laws protecting minors from sexual abuse, the teacher said ‘If you want to rape someone, don’t rape those under 18, rape those above 18’.

The girls were shocked, but the boys in the class thought this was funny.

That is being taught at home by their parents?

Ain’s video is on social media platform TikTok, which was then uploaded to Twitter.

Some of you may think I am too extreme about sacking the teacher and putting him on the sex offender’s list.

I think that enough is enough. Period checks, and now this?

In the past, teachers who raped their charges were merely transferred to other schools. The teacher should be put on trial and jailed, if found guilty.

We have young children being taught by these idiots.

Minister Radzi Jidin needs to respond immediately to these serious allegations.

Successive Education Ministers have failed Malaysian children.

Guess what? Maihaddin, aka Muhyiddin Yassin was for many years the Education Minister.

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