Not just Hisham should resign, Hamzah should step down too!

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Ministers who don’t empathise with the rakyat should be given the boot.

If there’s an event in the ongoing Winter Olympics for cold-hearted politicians, Malaysia will win hands down. First, there’s Senior Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein who was slapped with a fine for violating Covid-19 standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Mind you, of all Ministers, Hishammuddin is the one who should adhere to the SOPs the most because this falls directly under the Security Cluster he heads. While the senior Umno stalwart can break the law and gets only a slap in the wrist, lesser mortals are subjected to the full brunt of the law, including hefty fines on low-income violators.

What kind of message does the Government hope to send with such optics? That it is okay to be cold and heartless? Segambut MP Hannah Yeoh has rightly called on Hishammuddin to step down.

But to me, there’s another Minister who ought to get the boot: Home Minister Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainuddin. This is over his mishandling over the memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Indonesia on the recruitment of maids from the country.

His diplomatic outbursts at the Indonesian ambassador to Malaysia has only aggravated the whole situation. Hamzah was responding to the diplomat’s remark that Home Ministry officials were always absent from the discussions on the MoU. To make things worse, Hamzah’s meddling in the affairs of the Human Resources Ministry has complicated the whole matter.

After five years of trying to update the clauses in the MoU that lapsed in May 2016 for the recruitment and placement of Indonesian domestic workers in Malaysia, the matter is still not resolved.

Hamzah may have a battalion of domestic helpers in his house. But thousands of Malaysians like me are badly in need of Indonesian maids. Does Hamzah live in ivory towers and is detached from the plight of everyday Malaysians?

Since the Movement Control Order, I have been caring for my aged mother who is terminally ill. I couldn’t employ Indonesian maids. On top of that, I have been working from home and this has only driven up my stress levels.

It didn’t help that my kids are also attending online classes and the household is like a tinderbox with three generations with competing needs living under one roof. It’d definitely be helpful if there’s an extra pair of hands around to take care of daily needs like cleaning, cooking and tending to the elderly.

But obviously people like Hamzah can’t empathise with people like us. If they could, they would have sorted out this longstanding issue and expedite the MoU. Since Ministers like Hamzah are cut off from reality, it is only proper that the Prime Minister give people like Hishammuddin and Hamzah the boot!

The views expressed here are strictly those of The True Net reader Natasha Lim from Seremban.