Nurul Izzah calls for better parking spaces for delivery riders

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Gig workers are part of our nation’s backbone and food delivery riders risk their lives daily on the road to ensure our orders are delivered on time.

Due to the nature of their job, they are met with numerous challenges, which include having to enter shopping malls up to even 10 times daily to collect food from the numerous outlets inside.

However, the biggest problem this poses is for them to park their motorcycles. Each time they enter a particular mall, they have to pay parking fees and this can be very burdensome for them.

To save costs, they often park their motorcycles along the roads outside the mall while they dash in to collect their deliveries.

This poses two problems:

  • Traffic congestion as their motorcycles may obstruct the road
  • Summons by the police and also the respective municipal council which could reach huge amounts

These riders are mostly Malays and do not come from well-to-do families. Some riders are sometimes issued with two to three summons a day and a bulk of their income goes for this.

Recently, a group of delivery riders in Permatang Pauh met me and asked me to help them with their parking woes at the Sunway Carnival Mall.

They had been asking the management for a designated parking area but had been unsuccessful.

I had to do something as they desperately needed assistance.

We met with the Sunway Carnival Mall recently to raise this issue and after an hour of negotiations, we found a solution. The mall has since agreed to provide special parking spaces for delivery riders to carry out their work without any issues.

I wish to thank Sunway Carnival Mall for their kind understanding and hope others can also do their part to help make life easier for these delivery riders.

I wish these riders every success!

Media Statement by PKR Vice-President Nurul Izzah Anwar.