Rafidah: How Long Are We Going to Use Crutches?

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Former international trade and industry minister Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz asserted that bumiputras must move forward and not be engrossed with the special privileges given to them.

During an interview with the New Straits Times, Rafidah admitted that the government was indeed looking for ways soon after the country’s independence to help bumiputras who were denied access to education and other basic amenities.

“Yes, of course, we should give assistance to those in need, not just bumiputras, but Malaysians, regardless of race.”

However, she said such a patronage policy should not last forever.

“You can’t keep holding on to the sentiment and using it as a passport and say you are a bumiputra and you are entitled to this and that. It is just like using crutches.

“How long are we going to use crutches?”

She said all Malaysians must move forward as a nation and talk about the current problems instead of the past.

“Let’s not talk about problems of the last 60 years. These are all excess baggage. Let’s move forward and talk about the current problems we are facing.”

When asked about her possible return to politics, Rafidah said if she was elected a member of parliament, she had to take care of her constituents and not just focus on the national issues.

“There has to be a balance!

“My constituents now are Malaysians. Whatever I do is for the people and the country.” – Sin Chew Daily