Sarawak Report: Police raid Demak Jaya!

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Taib’s family intend to hold Raghad fully accountable.

As Sarawak Report had earlier predicted, the extraordinary actions of Raghad Taib, who arrived at midnight with a team of bodyguards at the Normah Hospital on Saturday to wrench the former Governor off his life support in Intensive Care and return him home against doctors’ advice, has sparked a crisis in the family, police action and dark talk of retribution.

The hospital had filed a police report expressing its concern that the Governor had been forcibly removed from life-giving care for a brain infection in defiance of legal notice given by Taib’s sons demanding they should be informed of any such decision in advance.

Following the widespread circulation of Sarawak Report’s fact-based information based on that police report the Sarawak Police Commissioner none the less released a threatening notice suggesting the “spread of false information” by this blog.

To the contrary, the news sparked more police reports, this time from family members, which confirmed the shocking situation.

Sarawak Report has now sighted a report made on Sunday afternoon by Taib’s own brother Tufail in which he confirmed he had been passed the hospital’s report to the police by Taib’s younger daughter, Hanifah (an MP), and wished for the police to take immediate action.

Specifically, the complaint confirms that Taib is being kept from his closest family by his second wife and her own relatives and that Taib’s siblings and children (whom Tufail describes as his “real family” are deeply concerned about his welfare:

Ragad removed and abducted My Brother from the Hospital despite being advised that My Brother was required to stay at the Hospital for proper and adequate treatment and that her actions may cause harm to My Brother.

My Brother was therefore removed and abducted by Ragad from the Hospital against medical advice. without consulting the ICU medical staff and without consulting and obtaining the approval of my family.

None of my siblings nor any of My Brother’s real children know of his current whereabouts and the current condition of his health.

In light of the above, My Brother’s medical condition and Dr Nazrin’s Police Report, myself and my family are gravely concerned about the health and safety of My Brother.

I make this report for the police to urgently investigate the matter and to safeguard/protect the wellbeing of My Brother

Information made available to Sarawak Report has indeed confirmed that accordingly on Monday afternoon at 2.30pm police forces did conduct a raid on the former governor’s riverside mansion at Demak Jaya in Kuching where the patient has been kept.

Leaked photographs have revealed that over the past few days mounds of packing cases had collected in the main hall of that mansion under the direction of Ragad herself, who in possible anticipation of her husband’s demise was apparently seeking to move out along with most of the contents of the house.

Sarawak Report has learnt that two hours after the police took control of the premises Taib’s brother Tufail himself arrived from Sibu.

It is assumed that the rest of the family now have access to the failing Governor, however his condition (two days after he was removed from medications and support in Intensive Care) is unknown.

Nor is the situation regarding the Governor’s second wife whose ongoing feud with all the members of Taib’s original family is now confirmed and out in the open. For months there has been a bitter court battle developing over the division of the family’s wealth.

Raghad’s extraordinary actions over the past 48 hours are unlikely to help her cause as Sarawak Report has already observed.

She remains a lone second wife in a foreign land and now the target of a powerful and wealthy family who claim she has cheated them and removed Taib from their care.

The final words of Tufail Mahmud’s own police report make the family intentions absolutely clear in that respect:

“If and in the cvent something happens to My Brother as a consequence of Ragad’s actions, my family and I intend to hold her fully accountable and responsible.”

Ragad faces accusations of having put her already ailing husband in the way of harm against the wishes of his family, whilst piling up her husband’s possessions in an apparent preparation to depart with them in anticipation of an unhappy outcome to the situation.

The police commissioner has himself reportedly made that point, suggesting the force is investigating the matter “under Section 336 of the Penal Code” (causing hurt by an act which endangers life or the personal safety of others).

She has reigned Queen of the Governor’s mansion for months and years as the Old White Haired Rajah over-stayed his capacity to do the job. However, those days are over, and she faces a tough battle to keep control, let alone to prove that signatures on documents putting chunks of the family heritage in her possession were genuinely his own idea.

If Taib’s family have anything to do with it, it appears that even prosecution looms. Ought she to have left the packing and departed somewhat earlier instead? – Sarawak Report