A simple act of kindness that went a long way

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Two Australian paramedics exemplified this as they have been commended for their heart-warming act after taking a bedridden patient to see the ocean.


Queensland local Neil King, who was passing by, uploaded an image of the paramedics performing the kind gesture onto the Kindness Pandemic Facebook group two days ago.

King was at the Cleveland Point Lighthouse when he captured the event in picture, as he said that he was moved to see the medical professionals wheeling the patient on their bed to the water’s edge.

“Lovely watching the amazing paramedics bringing an obviously not well patient to the point for a visit on her way to the hospital,” said King in the post.

“So grateful to our frontline workers serving so kindly. The gesture was amazing, but the kind words and lovely conversation they shared even more so.

“Thank you, Queensland Ambulance Service, you are amazing.”

King wasn’t the only one who felt appreciative of the efforts of the paramedics, as many social media users have praised them for their compassion with the post receiving over 19,000 likes in two days.

The post really did tug at the heartstrings of many users as well, as they couldn’t help but applaud the paramedics for their “beautiful display of human kindness”.

“Angels wear all sorts of uniforms. Thank you for your tireless, selfless service,” said one user.

“Having been the recipient of such kindness, this brings tears to my eyes. It is unimaginably important when you are seriously ill. It restored my humanity,” wrote another.

Some users also said that other paramedics in the country have also done similar things for their loved ones during their tough moments.

“New South Wales paramedics also took the time to take my mum home to see the garden we had built for her while she was receiving palliative care in the hospital. They go above and beyond, we are in their debt,” said one user.

A spokeswoman from the Queensland Ambulance Service told Daily Mail Australia “it was a wonderful moment for a member of the public to capture”, but that she couldn’t provide any further comment on the matter due to patient confidentiality.

This isn’t the first time that Australian paramedics have been praised for granting an ill or dying patient’s wish either.

Similarly, in 2017, two Queensland paramedics took a terminally ill patient down to the beach at a coastal town called Hervey Bay.

In 2018, paramedics from Perth also granted a dying patient his wish of seeing the beach for one last time, as they took a route along the coast while they travelled to his home.

The paramedics were more than happy to oblige with the patient’s request and even went one step further by stopping off at the beach so the patient could sit in front of the ocean and feel the wind in his hair one last time. – MMO