Survey: Declining Euphoria but Dr M Highly Popular

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Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is enjoying popularity as prime minister among an overwhelming majority of civil servants and also across all ethnic groups, a survey has shown.

Saw Siow Feng

Independent pollster Merdeka Center said its survey earlier this month, taken near the end of Pakatan Harapan’s first 100 days in power, showed that 71 percent of 1,160 voters polled felt “satisfied” towards Dr Mahathir’s performance as PM.

“The Prime Minister obtained positive responses from 93 percent ethnic Indians, 83 percent ethnic Chinese, 75 percent non-Muslim Bumiputeras, 64 percent Muslim Bumiputeras, and 62 percent Malay voters nationwide.

“It should be noted that he also gained high approval from among civil servants at 81 percent, and voters under 40 years old at about 73 percent,” Merdeka Center said in its press release of its poll conducted from August 7 to August 14.

This Friday will be the 100th day the PH coalition came into power, and also the 100th day of Dr Mahathir’s return as prime minister after a previous 22-year rule from 1981 to 2003.

Merdeka Center also said two-thirds of the voters polled as a whole gave the PH federal government positive ratings, basing this on survey results, with support shown by 58 percent Malay voters, 62 percent Bumiputera voters from Sabah and Sarawak, 79 percent ethnic Chinese voters, and 89 percent ethnic Indian voters.

“The present numbers show a slight decline from the onset of the formation of the new government, indicating dissipating euphoria and the natural friction as expectations encounter reality.

“Nonetheless, the present positive numbers underpin the general satisfaction expressed by voters on the performance of the new government on a number of issues since taking power in May 2018,” said Merdeka Center, which has been carrying out surveys both before and after the May 9 elections and tracking public approval ratings since late May 2018. – Malay Mail