The Amazing Way a Homeless Man Spent a $100 Gift

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He went straight to a liquor store. Predictable, you say. That’s how quick we are to judge, especially the downtrodden. Watch this video experiment by YouTuber Josh Paler Lin.

There is a Chinese saying that people worship the higher-ups and step on the lowly. We think no good and only the worst can come out of the marginalised while we give the elite the benefit of the doubt in situations of suspected wrongdoing. This is despite the fact that time and again the oppressed have proven to be simple in heart and motives, in contrary to elitists who often scheme to benefit only themselves.

It is the elite class that is the hidden hand behind many of the world’s current problems, chiefly among them being wars, poverty, and suppression of human rights. To continue exalting them when they deserve no high regard and dancing to their tune is akin to abetting them in creating more chaos and social injustices in the world.

It’s way past time we see through people for what they are.

All men are created equal. Through the passage of life, some have more than others. But whether we are more or less fortunate, there are the good and the corrupted in both spheres.

Let’s give the good citizens of the world, regardless of their social standing, the dignity they deserve.

As for the bad, let us never lose sight of who they really are. Be on our guard and not fall prey to their schemes. Resist, push back and keep standing strong. Know that we do not stand alone, for God is with the righteous.