Ex-Suhakam Chief: Missing Activists Report Made Public to Provoke Reaction

Suhakam wanted to provoke reactions from the public and the establishment by making public its report on two missing activists.

Malaysia Jumps Up 22 Places in Latest Press Freedom Index

Malaysia at the top of the rankings among Southeast Asian countries for press freedom.

KJ Raps Umno for Letting Fadli’s “Foreigner” Remark Slide

MCA Youth demands retraction of Umno assemblyman's "foreigner" label for students of Chinese and Tamil vernacular schools.

Dr M in Time’s 100 Most Influential People

Described as a formidable old warhorse, Dr Mahathir has been listed in Time magazine’s 100 most influential people this year.

Let Women Decide Whether to Wear Hijab, Says Latheefa

Women should be free to think for themselves and make their own choice whether to wear or discard the hijab.

G25: Days of Obeying Sultan’s Command “No Matter What” Are Over

State rulers are constitutional monarchs and not despots with absolute powers, G25 said today after a brief power struggle between Putrajaya and the Johor palace.

Forbes Contributor: Dr M Stood Up to China When Others Didn’t

A Forbes contributor has rained praise on Dr Mahathir for daring to stand up to China when other world leaders didn't.

Malaysian Bar: Abolish, Don’t Just Amend “Tyrannical” NSC Act

The Malaysian Bar has called on the government to withdraw its tabled amendments to the NSC Act 2016 and then move to abolish the controversial law.

Daim: PH Needs 6 More Months to Fix Economic Woes

By November, Malaysians will no longer be suffering as the government needs another 6 months to set things right.

Nik Abduh Confesses That He Lied About Audio Clip – to Protect Senior Leader

According to Nik Abduh, while Islam forbids lying, there were exceptions to the rule.