Zeti: We Will Tell How GST Can Be Abolished in 100 Days

The 'Council of Elders' will tell how GST an be abolished in 100 days.

Youngest MP Prabakaran Joins PKR

Youngest MP Prabakaran joins PKR.

Bar Council Proposes Ambiga for A-G

Bar Council proposes Ambiga for A-G.

The Late Karpal Singh’s Son Warns of Political Frogs, His Widow Says His Mission...

Don't condone political frogs, DAP MP Rampkarpal Singh tells Pakatan Harapan, while the late wife of Karpal Singh talks about his mission accomplished.

Pakatan Says Tycoon, Ex-Petronas Chief Will Back Fiscal Reform if It Wins GE14

Pakatan says a tycoon and an ex-Petronas chief will be among several personalities who have agreed to help it implement fiscal reforms should it win GE14.

EC’s Deafening Silence on Discrepancies, Malaysian Voters Protest in London

The Election Commission's deafening silence on discrepancies while Malaysian voters protest in London.

Mahathir’s Scathing Attacks on PAS

Mahathir's scathing attacks on PAS.

‘Empat Sekawan’ Veteran Actress Lai Meng Dies at 90

'Empat Sekawan' veteran actress Lai Meng dies at 90.

Malaysian Magician Wows All Four Judges on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

A Malaysian magician wows all four judges on 'Britain's Got Talent'.

Return the Power to the People on May 9

Ramon Navaratnam urges for a return of power to the people on May 9.