Umno out to Undermine Muhyiddin with PN Snub

Umno is undermining Muhyiddin's efforts to create a stable ruling coalition by snubbing the prime minister’s offer to register formally the PN alliance.

Crooks off the Hook – Are They Celebrating Too Soon?

At some point, justice will prevail over all of those who have been shown up for what they are – and it may be sooner than they think.

How a Decisive Shafie Cleverly Foils Muhyiddin’s Second Evil Coup

Sabah traitors may not get their RM260 million bribes.

Why Did PN Pick Art Harun as New Speaker?

Pundits suggest part of bid to woo urbanites.

Lawyers: Umno Snub Leaves Muhyiddin’s PN Govt in a Delicate Balancing Act

Muhyiddin's hold on power appears to be growing ever more tenuous after Umno declared its exit from PN today.

Twelve Years’ Jail, RM210M Fine for Najib a Result of Insulting the Judge’s Intelligence

It was too obvious Najib was not scammed but was the world’s biggest crook himself.

Mariam Mokhtar on Razak Baginda

It’s time for the spotlight to be shone on Razak Baginda.

PAS Admits Only Fought Fiercely for Hudud When in Opposition

Supporters of Islamist party scammed again.

Goldman Sachs’ US$3.9B Settlement an Opportunity for Muhyiddin to Send Najib to Jail

Najib has been scraping the bottom of the barrel for excuses to escape prison.

Mariam Mokhtar: Politicians Are Not Covid-19 Heroes

Healthcare workers are superior to politicians.