Kadir Jasin: PKR Must Pull Its Weight in Gay Sex Video Scandal, Not Leave...

Anwar Ibrahim must do more to resolve a sex video scandal implicating his deputy instead of leaving the matter entirely to Dr Mahathir.

Human Rights Advocates Condemn Wan Ji’s Prison Sentence for Sedition

Ambiga Sreenevasan has lent her voice to the chorus of criticism over the High Court for enhancing the prison sentence for Wan Ji under the Sedition Act.

Why Rafidah Aziz Should Be Appointed Higher Education Minister

Mahathir should appoint Rafidah Aziz as the first woman Higher Education Minister, if not the Education Minister. After history was made with the swearing in...

At Solidarity Gathering for Wan Ji, Activists Urge Pakatan to Abolish Sedition Act

Several social activists and civil liberty advocacy groups today expressed disappointment at the Pakatan Harapan administration for not fulfilling its pledge to abolish the Sedition Act 1948.

Chef Wan Blasts Felda Folk for Handout Mentality, “Breeding Like Cats”

Settlers in Felda schemes must do more to improve their lot beyond waiting for government subsidies and assistance.

Kit Siang: Waiting for Leaders in Najib’s Administration to Apologise

Lim Kit Siang says Annuar Musa should explain why he has not apologised for Umno's complicity in the 1MDB scandal.

Pastor Raymond Koh and the Great Cover-Up

Dennis Ignatius attended the book launch of Where Is Pastor Raymond Koh?.

Hindu Groups Ask A-G: Why No Charge Against Preacher Zamri Vinoth?

Hindu groups are growing frustrated with the inaction of the AGC in charging controversial Muslim preacher Zamri Vinoth.

Deputy IGP Warns Badar Squad Planning to Nab Amorous Muslim Couples

Kedah group Badar Squad told to toe the line of the law and stay away from vigilante activities.

Jalan Semangat in PJ Renamed Jalan Khoo Kay Kim

The Selangor government will rename Jalan Semangat in Petaling Jaya to Jalan Khoo Kay Kim.