All signs show Court of Appeal likely to free Najib

Najib should have been jailed the moment he was found guilty.

Sarawak Report: Has Najib’s campaign to annul his case gone royal?

A full eight months on from that hearing, there has been no sound from the panel of three judges as to what their conclusions are.

Dennis Ignatius: An Opposition that continues to disappoint

PH as it is now constituted is a spent force.

Mariam Mokhtar: Anwar must go!

Leave now with some dignity.

Analysts tell to listen to grassroots, understand voter sentiments

The results in the Malacca state election should serve a lesson to PH that listening to the grassroots and understanding voter sentiments matter.

Anwar needs to bow out eventually

Ways for PH to make a comeback following its poor showing in the Melaka polls yesterday.

Future of PH does not look bright with Anwar in the lead

PH had lost its appeal to the masses.

PH doomed if it doesn’t listen to grassroots

PH will lose in GE15 if it does not listen to the voice of its grassroots.

PKR wipe-out a ‘big slap in the face for Anwar’

The PKR wipe-out at the Melaka state polls, losing all its 11 contests, is a big slap in the face for Anwar Ibrahim.

The price of fielding “principled frogs”

A great deal of resentment towards top PKR leadership.