Coalition of NGOs demands reinstatement of moratorium on Sedition Act 1948 and its repeal

Seven SSR #LAWAN activists again hauled in for questioning at Dang Wangi district police headquarters, this time under Sedition Act.

Dennis Ignatius: Military intelligence – much ado about nothing

Raising doubts about opposition links with foreign groups with no evidence of actual or specific wrongdoing.

Little-known RM1 firm bags half of Kuala Langat reserve

On Monday, the public was stunned to learn that the Selangor government had alienated half of the Kuala Langat (North) Forest Reserve to a private company.

Sarawak Report: Selangor Sultan owned Kuala Langat land grab company

Ownership by the Sultan of Selangor of a key company behind the state’s hugely controversial decision to de-gazette a swathe of protected forest at Kuala Langat.

Coalition of NGOs condemns threats to harm female activist

A youth activist who made a video of the #Lawan rally that was widely shared has received threats to harm her two days in a row, Sekretariat Solidariti Rakyat (SSR).

Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve: A case of privatising profits and socialising costs?

C4 Center backs the call for Amirudin Shari to come clean and explain the shocking decision to degazette the KLNFR.

Time to return the national mandate to the rakyat

In line with Independence Day today, I recall that glorious days in 2018 when Malaysians as a whole dethroned the BN under the leadership of Najib.

Tony Pua: Unity govt an impractical idea

Being part of a unity government is impractical and may even work against Pakatan Harapan.

Shortest horror story

What a newly appointed Prime Minister does in his first 24 hours in the office is a good display of his leadership skills especially during a state of crisis.

Recycling the same old incompetent bloated cabinet

The fact that Ismail has recycled 80% of Muhyiddin’s Cabinet members suggests that he has chosen to align with Bersatu, instead of UMNO.