Prioritise public healthcare efficiency

Health Minister needs to focus on his core KPI- improving public healthcare delivery.

Dennis Ignatius: A government dominated by all the wrong people

It will matter little who dominates the cabinet if the country is run well, kept free from corruption and all are treated with fairness and dignity.

Zahid’s acquittal: The prosecution’s deliberate screw-up

Why PM and Zahid could have struck a secret deal.

G25: Don’t rush GE15, let Parliament complete full-term

The G25 group has called on the government to complete its full five-year term which ends on July 16, 2023.

Guan Eng’s list of 10 failed ministers

Hishammuddin Hussein at the top spot in Guan Eng’s “roll of dishonour”.

Incredibly bad news for Najib, Rosmah and Umno

Don’t expect Najib to stop pretending to be sick just to get out of prison – for a dose of fresh air.

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