Maria Chin on the More Democratic Atmosphere of the Past Year

The PH government has opened up the democratic space by allowing people to openly speak, unlike the previous culture of fear.

Touching Malaysian Short Film Wins Italian Film Fest Award

Malaysian short film My Ba's Radio took home the Best Short Film award at the Mantova Lovers Short Film Festival in Italy.

The Jaded Millennial View

A millennial's views of PH's past one year in power.

50th Anniversary of May 13 and Failure to Learn from the Racial Riots

Call to Malaysians to stand together and fight together, to outlaw racism and racial discrimination in our society.

DAP’s Performance So Far Impressive, Soi Lek Concedes

Guan Eng credited for managing to recoup much of what government lost.

Mind Economy and Shrug Off Umno-PAS Rhetoric

PH told not to be dictated by the opposition’s rhetoric.

Shared Prosperity as Foundation for Next Decade

PH’s future direction under the theme ‘Shared Prosperity 2030’, where the focus would be on economic development.

Najib’s Lawyer Shafee Told to Apologise for “Estate Workers” Remark

Waythamoorthy has demanded an apology from Shafee Abdullah for casting estate workers in a negative light.

One Year of New Malaysia: A Victory by Any Measure

The True Net's view of one year of Pakatan Harapan rule.

Bersih: PH Performance Commendable for Now, Long Road Ahead

While many objectives have yet to be achieved, PH has done a commendable job in its first year in government.