Mariam Mokhtar: Latest breach of SOP at Jalan Bellamy bungalow

Two nights ago, several politicians, ministers, deputies and GLC heads, had met in secret in a bungalow near Bellamy Road.

Govt’s 13-item list for RM300k food basket inflexible, neglects nutrition needs

The federal government’s list of 13 types of food items for food baskets to be given out using the RM300,000 allocation per MP does not provide flexibility.

From white flag to suicide – another aid package that may be too little,...

This is perhaps the first time in the history of Malaysia where people have to raise white flags due to hunger and desperation.

Don’t turn your Hippocratic oath into a hypocritical oath, human rights group tells Health...

Call for transparency on the appointments of permanent medical officers.

AG urged to give his public view on Parliament’s six-month lapse period

Civil society organisations have called on A-G Idrus to give his view on the Federal Constitution requiring Parliament to convene six months from the previous sitting.

Agong summons two speakers to palace

You can’t say the Federal Constitution is more supreme, only to say the next minute that the Emergency Ordinance is more powerful, whichever suits you.

Mariam Mokhtar: Do you know what is driving Malaysia apart?

The primary force that drives Malaysia apart is greed.

PM runs out of time, with civil war within Bersatu and Umno

Arguably, Mahiaddin’s biggest mistake is trying to stay in power during the emergency rule without putting serious efforts to fix the economy or expedite the vaccination.

Mariam Mokhtar on Minister of Education Radzi Jidin and ‘period spot checks’

Why is the Ministry of Education (MoE) dragging its feet over the ‘period spot checks’ issue? Perhaps, the Minister of Education, Radzi Jidin, and his...