Mariam Mokhtar on JB Mat Basikal tragedy

Driver was acquitted and discharged and is now charged again.

In Malaysiakini decision, Federal Court acknowledges spotlight on free speech but reminds Malaysians to...

The Federal Court in its majority ruling today urged Malaysians to remain respectful even while online.

Indifferent and inefficient DBKL

For reasons best known to itself, DBKL decided to send out “Parcel Rent Bill 2021” by post to registered addresses of apartment owners.

Daim: Malaysia losing investors to neighbours due to “clueless” government

Investors are unimpressed by the Malaysian government’s ‘clueless’ performance in economic matters.

Mariam Mokhtar: Anwar’s review of Tommy Thomas’ book was full of waffle

Anwar has the habit of littering his speeches with a lot of unnecessary quotes, and the long list of names, as if to show-off that he is well-read, or an intellectual.

Zaid: Political corruption the mother of all our problems

Former law minister Zaid Ibrahim considers political corruption to be the “mother of all our problems”.

Lawyers: Unconstitutional for committee to advise King on emergency

A 19-member committee led by a retired chief justice cannot advise the Yang di-Pertuan Agong on the state of emergency.

Najib laughs off Dr M’s claim he had not interfered in the courts

Najib Razak has laughed off Dr Mahathir's claim that the latter had not interfered in the country’s judiciary.

Dr Adeeba cautions against Adham’s proposal: Might as well have no quarantine

Dr Adeeba Kamarulzaman has cautioned against Dr Adham Baba's suggestion that the three-day quarantine may be extended to business travellers or the public.