The blame game – how Noh Omar’s idiocy exposed more government incompetence

Lack of coordination due to zero leadership, which led to confusion, despite having the biggest Cabinet in the world.

Dennis Ignatius: The worst government ever!

It is the spirit of ordinary citizens that keeps this country going.

China super salesgirl fined $210 million for tax evasion

“Queen of live streaming” has 110 million followers on social media.

Time for a national reset

The people need to be bold and embrace bold new ideas and leaders.

Out with the dinosaurs – time for a new party in the fold

We need a party for all, a party which truly has the needs and aspirations of Malaysians at heart - one with a good mix of all races, women and youth.

Everyone, including the Chinese, eat with their hands

Mahathir said: “The Chinese eat with chopsticks, they don’t eat with their hands.”

Farfetched that Sarawak’s future hinges on Indonesia building a new capital in Kalimantan

I was taken aback upon reading the heading of a recent report “Sarawak’s future hanging on upcoming polls, new Indonesian capital: observer”.

Tour operators clueless in creating new packages, activities

Time tour operators make ordinary tours interesting, exciting and rewarding so that tourists will talk about.

Too many unanswered questions on 100-day FDI figures announced by PM

At the event to mark his administration's 100-day, PM Ismail Sabri disclosed that the country had approved FDI worth RM109.1 billion during that period.