Mariam Mokhtar on Azmin’s fishing trip to Saudi Arabia

Azmin's trip to Arabia to secure a hefty donation to fund GE15 war chest.

India’s super-rich flee as Covid cases skyrocket to new world record

From bad to worse in two weeks to become the global epicentre of the pandemic.

Mariam Mokhtar questions Radzi’s silence about the teacher who joked about rape

No one, including the headmaster of her school, dares to stick their necks out and do the right thing.

Mariam Mokhtar on male teacher’s jokes about rape

This teacher should be sacked and be put on the sexual offender’s register.

Tighten the slacks in controlling Covid-19 infections

Clearly, there must have been some slacks here and there, and if not tightened, we will certainly surpass the 3,000 mark.

Mariam Mokhtar: If you charge, jail Fahmi Reza, another 100 Fahmi Rezas will rise...

Fahmi Reza’s arrest has united all of Malaysia.

Mariam Mokhtar on “period checks”

Religion is used as an excuse to commit wrongdoing and brow-beat the girl into submission.

Covid-19 vaccination – milking of a cash cow business

The Covid-19 vaccination programme is a cash cow waiting to be milked by corrupt leaders.

Mariam Mokhtar on the Raya bonus

The electorate, mostly Malays, will keep voting for the person at the top, who keeps rewarding them.

Mariam Mokhtar: Rina Harun, Radzi Jidin must act immediately to stop the “period checks”

Why are the Ministers for Women, Family and Community Development, Rina Harun and Education, Radzi Jidin, silent about the latest scandal involving schoolgirls?