Kit Siang sees CSA slipping away amid talk Najib will be appointed as PM...

Lim Kit Siang sees the proposed confidence and supply agreement (CSA) between the government and opposition slipping away.

TI-M: Let Parliament appoint MACC chief as part of reform agenda

TI-M wants the government to introduce reforms in MACC to allow it to work independently.

Kit Siang: PM might not even last 100 days in office

Ismail Sabri Yaakob’s stint as the prime minister could come to a quick end following a slew of blunders he has made since assuming office on August 21.

Kadir Jasin on Muhyiddin’s new appointment: It’s madness

The appointment of a “failed” prime minister to head a vital body like the National Recovery Council shows Ismail Sabri is treating the government like a “playground”.

Mariam Mokhtar: No denying it – Chong Wei is part of the establishment

Some of us wondered if Lee Chong Wei was trying to protect his political masters.

Lawyers: AG’s remark about no confidence vote is against democracy

Idrus Harun should have not suggested that Ismail Sabri does not need to face a confidence vote in the Dewan Rakyat.

Coalition of NGOs demands reinstatement of moratorium on Sedition Act 1948 and its repeal

Seven SSR #LAWAN activists again hauled in for questioning at Dang Wangi district police headquarters, this time under Sedition Act.

Dennis Ignatius: Military intelligence – much ado about nothing

Raising doubts about opposition links with foreign groups with no evidence of actual or specific wrongdoing.

Little-known RM1 firm bags half of Kuala Langat reserve

On Monday, the public was stunned to learn that the Selangor government had alienated half of the Kuala Langat (North) Forest Reserve to a private company.

Sarawak Report: Selangor Sultan owned Kuala Langat land grab company

Ownership by the Sultan of Selangor of a key company behind the state’s hugely controversial decision to de-gazette a swathe of protected forest at Kuala Langat.