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Prosecution wraps up 1MDB audit report case

The prosecution in the 1MDB audit tampering case has wrapped up its case.

Arul Kanda: I was never told to manipulate truth about 1MDB

Arul Kanda today confirmed that he had not been asked to manipulate the truth about 1MDB.

Arul Kanda: Concerns about audit report on 1MDB was that it...

Arul Kanda today confirmed that the concerns about the auditor-general’s 2016 audit report on 1MDB was that it could be politically spun against Najib.

Sarawak Report: More plea dealings with crooks?

Malaysians deserve to see the foreign crooks as well as local crooks who stole their money receive the punishment they deserve.

MP urges lawmakers, NGOs to lodge reports against Apandi over Najib

Charles Santiago today urged fellow MPs to lodge police reports against Apandi Ali over alleged abuse of power to cover up investigations into SRC and 1MDB.

1MDB to serve US$3.8b writ of summons to Jho Low’s siblings...

High court allowed writ of summons to be served to Low’s sister in Singapore and younger brother in Hong Kong.

MP lodges police report against Apandi for alleged abuse of power...

Charles Santiago today lodged a police report against Apandi Ali over alleged abuse of powers to cover up investigations into the SRC International and 1MDB trial.

Sarawak Report: US Prosecutors now targeting bigger fish over 1MDB?

The most plausible reason for such a postponement is that DOJ prosecutors have now obtained the cooperation of both men in going after the big fish in Goldman Sachs.

Meeting Jho Low’s lawyers sends wrong message, Guan Eng tells Idrus

Lim Guan Eng has called on Idrus Harun to shed more light on the meeting between the AGC and Jho Low's lawyers.

Apandi asked if received benefits for arranging AG’s meet with Jho...

Apandi should not have engaged with Low’s representatives and should have demanded his surrender.

Flowchart of how RM2.28b ended in Najib’s bank accounts over 4...

Ismee Ismail agrees Najib and Jho Low had a close relationship,

Entities that helped loot 1MDB now used to recover stolen money

Once conduits for hundreds of millions of dollars looted from 1MDB, a group of offshore entities are being repurposed to try to track down the fund's stolen money.

Dr M joins calls to probe Zeti and family over alleged...

Dr Mahathir has joined calls for Zeti and her family to be probed over allegedly receiving 1MDB funds.

Guan Eng: Probe Zeti, others implicated in latest 1MDB exposes

There have been calls from both sides of the political divide for Zeti to be probed.

1MDB, subsidiaries win court order freezing Najib’s assets

1MDB and four subsidiaries secured an ex parte Mareva injunction against Najib over the US$681 million (RM2.85 billion) they were seeking to reclaim from him.

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