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Hadi: I Will Resign and Dissolve Party if I Have Immoral...

Hadi Awang has taken a swipe at PKR over its failure to act against Haziq Aziz who had tarnished the party’s image.

Hadi: I Did Not Give Son-in-Law My Blessing to Expose ‘Dedak...

Hadi Awang denied giving his blessing to his son-in-law to expose the existence of a “dedak cartel” who had allegedly taken money from Umno.

Hadi: PAS-Umno Critics Like “Jews” Who Must be Battled to “Save...

Hadi wants to “send the enemy to hell”, believed to be alluding to DAP leaders.

Hadi: RM100 Per Member Equals RM100M, Nothing Peculiar About RM90M

Hadi Awang said there is nothing peculiar about the Islamist party having RM90 million in its coffers, pointing out that its membership exceeds one million.

Anwar Claims He has Proof Hadi Paid Rewcastle-Brown RM1.4M to Settle...

Rewcastle-Brown says no comment till Anwar shows proof Hadi paid her RM1.4 million to settle suit.

Rafizi: Najib’s Government Used PAS to “Purify” Tabung Haji’s Image Before...

Rafizi said Najib's administration had allegedly used PAS to "purify" the image of Lembaga Tabung Haji before the GE14.

PAS Beckons While Umno Closes Door to Najib

PAS beckons while Umno closes its door to Najib.

Audio of PAS Man Admitting PAS Took Umno’s Money Is Genuine

The audio of PAS man Nik Abduh admitting PAS took Umno's money is genuine.

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