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Shafee: Agong wanted a full pardon, Pardons Board recommended Najib serve...

A letter carrying the seal of the previous Yang di-Pertuan Agong shed light on a possible impasse between the then-king and the Pardons Board...

Amanah appeals to Agong to reject pardon for Najib

reject pardon for Najib

Senior lawyer: Agong has to act on advice of Pardons Board

The Agong has to act on the advice of the Pardons Board.

Tengku Zafrul accompanied Agong to oversee Petronas deal in Abu Dhabi

Tengku Zafrul has clarified that he was in Abu Dhabi accompanying the Agong yesterday, after he was found to be absent from the first Cabinet meeting.

Agong to consult fellow Rulers tomorrow on PM impasse

The Conference of Rulers will be holding a special meeting tomorrow to discuss the ongoing formation of the new government.

Agong extends deadline for parties to provide numbers, choice of PM...

Istana Negara has announced that the deadline for parties to present their coalition numbers and candidates for the PM's post has been deferred to 2pm tomorrow.

Agong: Form a government and name a PM by 2pm Nov...

Coalition leaders must inform Dewan Rakyat Speaker whether they have secured a parliamentary majority and submit their choice for PM to Istana Negara by tomorrow.

Hamzah: PM must consult Cabinet before asking Agong to dissolve Parliament

The decision to dissolve Parliament rests with the Agong.

The King might throw out request to dissolve parliament

Sabri would create a new record as the first prime minister whose request to dissolve Parliament is rejected by the King.

Kit Siang: Agong can block GE15 from being held during monsoon...

The Agong has the discretionary power to block the next general election if it is held during the monsoon season.

Agong: Power to punish and pardon should not be used arbitrarily

Agong said the power to punish and pardon should not be used arbitrarily because it will be held accountable in the “afterlife”..

Over 35,000 sign online petition asking King not to pardon Najib

More than 35,000 people have signed an online petition asking the Agong not to grant Najib a royal pardon for his imprisonment over the SRC case.

Bersih launches petition asking King to deny Najib royal pardon

An online petition addressed to Istana Negara requesting the Agong reject any opportunity to pardon Najib was launched today.

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