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Don’t challenge me to divulge alleged procedural breaches over govt contracts,...

Finance Ministry had informed Anwar that there had been several procedural breaches during the PN administration.

Anwar: RM7b flood mitigation initiatives will be reviewed

The RM7 billion approved for flood mitigation initiatives nationwide will not proceed and will be reviewed.

Rafizi: PM as finance minister in current govt won’t be able...

Unity of different parties and coalitions ensured check and balance within the government.

Anwar leaves it to authorities to probe alleged RM600b misappropriation by...

Anwar Ibrahim said he fully leaves it to the authorities to investigate the alleged misappropriation of RM600 billion in funds by the previous government.

Anwar: Cabinet ministers take 20% pay cut

All cabinet ministers have agreed to take a 20 percent pay cut to their monthly salaries.

Anwar must find ways to include talents in govt

Many talents may be accommodated by appointment as chairs and deputy chairs to parliamentary select committees - one for each ministerial portfolio.

Fahmi: Anwar will not interfere with court cases

Fahmi Fadzil has lashed at Muhyiddin Yassin for condemning Anwar Ibrahim's new administration as a "kleptocrat cabinet".

Bersih disappointed with Zahid as DPM, Anwar as Finance Minister

Bersih is dismayed that Anwar has appointed himself to helm the important finance portfolio.

Why Anwar made Zahid DPM despite court case

Necessary to give the Anwar administration time to steady itself.

Political observers: Anwar is finance minister to stop infighting over job

As both the prime minister and finance minister, Anwar is invested with too much power.

Anwar to announce cabinet line-up this evening

A press conference would be held in Putrajaya later this evening to announce the cabinet line-up.

Anwar: Stop sending me gifts

Anwar Ibrahim has reminded all parties not to give him gifts.

PM issues legal letter to PAS MP over clip claiming Israel...

Anwar Ibrahim today issued a letter of demand to Hassan Saad seeking either a denial of involvement in an allegedly defamatory audio clip shared on Twitter or an apology.

Hadi, PAS’ Baling MP probed for Anwar Israeli agent claim

Police have opened an investigation into Hadi for criminal defamation and breach of the peace, after he accused Anwar Ibrahim of being an Israeli agent.

Kadir Jasin: Anwar committing ‘harakiri’ if Zahid chosen as DPM

Kadir Jasin has said Anwar Ibrahim would be committing harakiri if he selects Zahid as deputy prime minister or appoint him to any position in his government.

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