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Khairuddin wants police, MACC to probe Apandi over 1MDB

Khairuddin Abu Hassan has urged the police and MACC to conduct criminal investigations against former attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali over the 1MDB scandal. The ally...

Mahathir calls for probe into Apandi’s handling of 1MDB scandal

Apandi should be punished, not compensated Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said the government should initiate criminal proceedings against former Attorney-General (AG)...

Court rejects Apandi’s defamation appeal against Kit Siang over 1MDB-related article

The Court of Appeal has denied former attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali's appeal in his defamation suit against DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang. A three-person bench...

Apandi’s RM10m defamation suit appeal

Kit Siang’s words amounted to a positive assertion of guilt, and wrongdoing by claiming Apandi ‘aided and abetted’ the 1MDB scandal, court told. Words used...

Apandi: Tun M can go fly kites

Mahathir defended his 2018 decision to remove Apandi, didn’t think Apandi deserved to be compensated at all. Former attorney-general Tan Sri Apandi Ali has hit...

Apandi unable to recall reason AGC declined further action on 1MDB

Former attorney-general Tan Sri Apandi Ali says he could not remember the reasons behind the Attorney-General's Chambers' (AGC) decision to decline further action against...

Kit Siang: Settlement of Apandi’s suit against Dr Mahathir must be...

Keeping settlement terms private goes against public interest.

Dr Mahathir: Why make Apandi’s settlement terms a secret?

Mahathir does not think Apandi deserves to be compensated at all.

Dr M: Why probe Tommy Thomas but not Apandi?

High Court judge concluded that Apandi was someone who did not speak the truth and failed to perform his duties as the A-G.

Show proof my children became millionaires when I was PM, Dr...

Mahathir has asked Apandi Ali to show proof that his children became millionaires when he was the prime minister.

Apandi not at Bukit Aman, giving statement at another location

The police are not taking the statement from former attorney general Tan Sri Apandi Ali at Bukit Aman on Monday (Aug 1).

MP urges lawmakers, NGOs to lodge reports against Apandi over Najib

Charles Santiago today urged fellow MPs to lodge police reports against Apandi Ali over alleged abuse of power to cover up investigations into SRC and 1MDB.

Bukit Aman opens probe into Apandi over alleged power abuse in...

Following Charles Santiago’s police report against Apandi in Klang yesterday.

MP lodges police report against Apandi for alleged abuse of power...

Charles Santiago today lodged a police report against Apandi Ali over alleged abuse of powers to cover up investigations into the SRC International and 1MDB trial.

Judge: Apandi disinterested, self-contradictory on Saudi donation

Apandi's own testimony exhibited a plain, disinterested, evasive and disassociated attitude to investigate the donation further.

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