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Arul Kanda: I was never told to manipulate truth about 1MDB

Arul Kanda today confirmed that he had not been asked to manipulate the truth about 1MDB.

Arul Kanda: Concerns about audit report on 1MDB was that it...

Arul Kanda today confirmed that the concerns about the auditor-general’s 2016 audit report on 1MDB was that it could be politically spun against Najib.

Arul Kanda: 1MDB officers were ‘actively suppressing’ info to A-G

The 1MDB management had actively kept information and not gave them to the National Audit Department (NAD) while the auditor-general was conducting an audit on 1MDB.

Arul Kanda: No knowledge if SRC judge involved in 1MDB loan

Arul Kanda testified today he has no knowledge of whether judge Nazlan was involved in an RM4.17 billion loan to 1MDB.

Najib in court for 1MDB audit report trial

Najib is now at the KL High Court for his 1MDB audit tampering trial.

Najib, Arul Kanda ordered 1MDB audit report changed to protect themselves

Najib and Arul Kanda amended the 1MDB audit report to protect themselves from criminal prosecution and civil liability.

Arul Kanda: Najib concerned 1MDB audit report ‘spun politically’

Arul Kanda testified that the original copy of the 1MDB audit report would have been sent to the PAC if not for a meeting on Feb 24, 2016.

Arul Kanda ready to testify for prosecution in 1MDB trial

Former 1MDB CEO Arul Kanda Kandasamy is prepared to testify for the prosecution in the 1MDB audit report trial.

Prosecution wants Arul Kanda to testify against Najib

The prosecution in the 1MDB audit report case seeks to call Arul Kanda as a witness to testify against his co-accused in the trial, Najib Razak.

1MDB’s RM9.8B ‘Investments’ a Scam, Can’t Repay Debts

US DoJ's claim that 'fund units' were "relatively worthless" and a front for money that had already been stolen seems true. "Utterly dishonest" Arul Kanda...

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