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Bersih launches petition asking King to deny Najib royal pardon

An online petition addressed to Istana Negara requesting the Agong reject any opportunity to pardon Najib was launched today.

Kit Siang: Azhar ‘dead wrong’ for describing Muhyiddin as ‘overlooked reformist’

Bersih says democracy in this country had never been more threatened than when it was under Muhyiddin.

Parliamentary Caucus for Multi-Party Democracy formed

Jointly led by Azalina Othman and Maria Chin, with Bersih as the secretariat.

Bersih: Protests crucial role in shaping history

Peaceful protests are legitimate means of political expression.

Bersih: Revoke Tajuddin’s appointment as ambassador to Indonesia

Tajuddin's appointment over a career diplomat is an affront to Parliament as well as his electorate.

Ambiga anticipates fresh rally to protest against dishonest and corrupt political...

Ambiga said she is anticipating a fresh rally to protest against dishonest and corrupt political leaders.

Bersih, six other NGOs take PM to court over advice on...

Seven NGOs file suit to challenge the PN government’s declaration of emergency, claiming the consent of parliament is a mandatory requirement.

Bersih, C4, 110 NGOs Want Swiss to Return RM443M 1MDB Funds...

Bersih, C4 and 110 NGOs want Switzerland to return RM443 million of 1MDB funds to ordinary Malaysians.

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