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Loke: Ramkarpal vacated post to avoid nepotism claim as brother Gobind...

Ramkarpal Singh Deo vacated his position as deputy minister in charge of legal affairs to prevent allegations that the DAP practises nepotism, the party...

Sarawak DAP chairperson: Anwar was asked to exclude Sarawak DAP from...

Certain parties have requested that Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim exclude Sarawak DAP from the cabinet.

Cabinet sworn in before Agong today

Two deputy prime ministers and 25 members of the cabinet were sworn in before Agong at Istana Negara today.

Chong explains absence of Sarawak DAP reps in cabinet

Sarawak DAP chairperson Chong Chieng Jen provided his explanation on the absence of reps from his party’s division in the federal cabinet line-up.

Rafidah: Don’t appoint those with court cases to Cabinet

Rafidah Aziz has added to calls to exclude politicians facing trial from Anwar's Cabinet.

Khairy: Cabinet approved Bill to ban smoking

Traders and cigarette vendors will not be allowed to sell smoking products to the people covered by the ban.

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