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Hannah Yeoh: Do stateless kids have to become footballers to get...

Hannah Yeoh has asked the government if stateless children should aim to become professional football players in order to gain Malaysian citizenship.

PKR: Azalina’s request on citizenship a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ situation

Hypocrisy of Azalina wanting an independent legislature and biased appointments at the same time.

Azalina urges MPs to back constitutional amendment to allow citizenship through...

Azalina doubts the bill will “see the light of day” unless it is supported by parliamentarians.

Court rejects govt bid to stay ruling on citizenship for overseas-born...

Judge found that the mothers have waited long enough and experienced hardship.

Government facing growing internal flak for appealing citizenship ruling

The government is facing growing internal criticism over its decision to appeal a court ruling on citizenship.

Government urged to respect citizenship ruling, not to appeal

Selangor exco V Ganabatirau has written a letter of protest to Ismail Sabri over the move to appeal the citizenship ruling.

Hamzah: Citizenship for children born abroad to Malaysian mums not automatic

The acquisition of Malaysian citizenship for children under-21 born overseas to Malaysian mums with a non-citizen father is not automatic.

Landmark ruling: Overseas-born children of Malaysian mums, foreign dads entitled to...

The Kuala Lumpur High Court today ruled that the government must confer citizenship to children born overseas to Malaysian mothers.

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