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Clare Rewcastle-Brown: I could land in prison longer than Najib

The Sarawak Report editor warned that freeing Najib from prison would ignite outrage among Malaysians. The establishment tried its utmost to silence the local media,...

Clare Rewcastle-Brown: Interpol rejected Red Notice request against me

Sarawak Report founding editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown claimed that Interpol has rejected a request from the Malaysian government to issue a Red Notice against her. "I...

What’s next for Clare Rewcastle-Brown

Sentenced to jail in Malaysia for defaming Terengganu Sultanah. Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown, who was sentenced to two years in jail by a Magistrates’...

Clare Rewcastle-Brown: Malaysia will be global spectacle if it arrests me

Under the law, a magistrate cannot impose a sentence of imprisonment in the absence of the accused. Sarawak Report’s founding editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown has brushed...

Clare Rewcastle-Brown appeals against conviction and jail sentence

Sarawak Report editor, Clare Rewcastle-Brown, who was sentenced to two years' jail in absentia by the Magistrate's Court today is appealing against her sentence...

Clare Rewcastle-Brown jailed two years for defaming Terengganu Sultanah

Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown was sentenced to two years in jail after being found guilty of defaming Terengganu Sultanah Nur Zahirah. Magistrate Nik Mohd...

Sarawak Report editor ordered to pay RM300,000 for defamation against Terengganu...

The Court of Appeal today ordered Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown and two others to pay RM300,00 in damages to Sultanah of Terengganu Sultanah...

Sultanah Nur Zahirah files appeal against dismissal of defamation suit

Clare Rewcastle-Brown and the other two defendants denied making allegations that the plaintiff was involved in corrupt practices.

Court dismisses Terengganu Sultanah’s defamation suit against Clare Rewcastle-Brown

The High Court has dismissed a defamation suit brought by Terengganu’s Sultanah against Clare Rewcastle-Brown and two others.

Prosecutor: No pressure from palace to charge Clare Rewcastle Brown

Sarawak Report editor contends that she would not get a fair trial in Terengganu.

Wanted notice for Sarawak Report editor over Terengganu Sultanah’s defamation case

Police issued a notice seeking public information today on Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown.

Rights groups worry Malaysia will use Interpol to get Sarawak Report...

Clare Rewcastle Brown called the criminal defamation charge against her abuse of due process.

Sarawak Report editor: Arrest warrant won’t work in UK

No intention of coming to Malaysia to face criminal defamation charge.

Anwar Claims He has Proof Hadi Paid Rewcastle-Brown RM1.4M to Settle...

Rewcastle-Brown says no comment till Anwar shows proof Hadi paid her RM1.4 million to settle suit.

Oct 5 Deadline for Rewcastle-Brown or Face RM100M Suit from Sultanah

Terengganu Sultanah demands unequivocal apology and withdrawal of book or it's an RM300 million suit against author, publisher, printer.

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