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AGC rejects representation by Crackhouse comedy club owner

Rizal Van Geyzel failed in his bid to get the AGC to drop the charges made against him for creating and initiating the distribution of videos that touch on racial sensitivity.

Crackhouse Comedy Club owners to sue govt

Rizal van Geyzal and Shankar R Santhiram are suing the government.

Lawyers condemn DBKL’s lifetime ban on Crackhouse Comedy Club owners

No law to allow such a ban on Crackhouse Comedy Club.

Crackhouse Comedy Club fights DBKL ban

Crackhouse Comedy Club have demanded that the KL mayor reverse the ban on the premises and its owners’ freedom to open businesses in Kuala Lumpur, within two days.

Crackhouse co-founder Rizal claims trial to posting offensive content

Crackhouse Comedy Club co-founder Rizal Van Geyzel has pleaded not guilty to three counts of posting offensive content on his social media accounts.

Crackhouse co-founder Rizal to be charged over ‘lazy Malays’ video tomorrow

Crackhouse Comedy Club co-founder Rizal an Geyzel who came under scrutiny recently over jokes that allegedly called the Malays “lazy”, will be charged in court tomorrow.

Report: Crackhouse Comedy Club vandalised

Crackhouse Comedy Club, which is in the middle of a controversy over insulting religious sensitivities, was vandalised today.

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