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DAP: Najib, Zahid must be held responsible for LCS scandal

Najib and Zahid must be held responsible for the LCS project scandal.

DAP founding member Chen Man Hin dies

DAP founding member Chen Man Hin passed away at his home in Seremban on Wednesday (Aug 17) at the age of 97.

DAP demands Najib explain lopsided 2014 agreement with Boustead for LCSs

DAP demands an explanation from Najib for the “lopsided” 2014 agreement his government signed for the purchase of six LCSs.

Anthony Loke: Possible for DAP to work with Umno

Anthony Loke has not ruled out a collaboration with Umno deeming this as ‘anything is possible in politics’.

Pejuang: Malays trapped between corrupt leaders and multiracial opposition

The Malays are split and trapped in a dilemma of choosing between the corrupt Malay leaders and a multiracial leadership.

DAP: Stabbed in the back once, we will not work with...

DAP will not cooperate with PN which had betrayed PH in 2020.

Amanah, DAP rebuke PKR for contesting under own flag in Johor

PKR’s allies have issued a subtle rebuke of its decision to contest the upcoming Johor election under the PKR flag instead of the PH logo.

Guan Eng: DAP will not work with Umno in GE15

There will be no political cooperation between DAP and Umno in gearing up for the 15th general election.

Ronnie Liu Denies Sabotaging PH, Says Loves Coalition and Still Supports...

The DAP state lawmaker at the centre of a political discord within the ruling PH today denied he was sabotaging the coalition as alleged.

Lip Eng Files Report Against Ismail Sabri over DAP, Halal Cert...

DAP lawmaker Lim Lip Eng has lodged a police report against Umno vice-president Ismail Sabri Yaakob over comments the latter made about DAP and halal certification.

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