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Dennis Ignatius: A Pakatan Harapan without DAP?

A stand-alone DAP might well play the role of kingmaker in exchange for key concessions of importance to all Malaysians.

Dennis Ignatius: An Opposition that continues to disappoint

PH as it is now constituted is a spent force.

Dennis Ignatius: Stop PAS now before it is too late

PAS leaders both at the federal and state level have neither the expertise nor even the inclination to properly govern.

Dennis Ignatius: It’s not the public but the politicians that need...

It is the politicians who are always stoking up racial and religious sentiment so they can pose as champions of race and religion.

Dennis Ignatius: No cheers for Timah whiskey

The really sad part to all this is the silence emanating from the Prime Minister himself on the Timah whiskey issue.

Dennis Ignatius: Nur Sajat – Fleeing Malaysia to live free

Sajat’s decision to flee her homeland to live free speaks volumes about the kind of country we are fast becoming.

Dennis Ignatius: Our indolent and corrupt political culture

We are far too tolerant of malfeasance and corruption and far too easily influenced by personalities instead of principles.

Dennis Ignatius: Mahathir’s abiding obsession with race

Our nation is being slowly torn asunder because men like Mahathir are unable to come to terms with history and the fact that we are all Malaysians now.

Former Malaysian ambassador says Mahathir ‘needs to retire and stay retired’

Dennis Ignatius has urged Mahathir to step down and stay away from Malaysian politics.

Dennis Ignatius: Military intelligence – much ado about nothing

Raising doubts about opposition links with foreign groups with no evidence of actual or specific wrongdoing.

Dennis Ignatius: Will Ismail Sabri’s government survive?

Ismail Sabri will almost certainly consolidate his party’s position, tighten its grip on all the levers of power.

Dennis Ignatius: Should politicians be protected from the wrath of the...

Of late, the police appear to be stepping up their crackdown on citizens who have criticised or insulted politicians.

Dennis Ignatius: Mahathir’s National Recovery Council

It would be insane to abandon our democracy and entrust the future of our nation to an authoritarian, unelected council led by Mahathir.

Dennis Ignatius: End the emergency; reconvene parliament

Dennis Ignatius calls for reconvening of parliament.

Dennis Ignatius: Saviours or Traitors?

The PH government may not have fully lived up to the expectations of the people but they most certainly instrumental in saving Malaysia from decades of UMNO-BN misrule.

Dennis Ignatius: A Pakatan Harapan without DAP?

A stand-alone DAP might well play the role of kingmaker in exchange for key concessions of importance to all Malaysians.

How UMNO plays PAS

Trapped and ego-bruised Hadi Awang ditched UMNO in order to save face.

First Omicron case in Malaysia

Public health officials have detected the first case of the Omicron Covid-19 variant in the country.

Kit Siang: Will PM’s special advisers replace cabinet soon?

Lim Kit Siang has ridiculed Ismail Sabri's administration for hiring many special advisers, on top of a bloated cabinet.

Mariam Mokhtar: The best FT minister for business, productivity, education and hospitals

With daft ministers like Shahidan Kassim, the people who have to manage businesses, education and hospitals must want to give up and go into a corner and just cry.

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