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Dennis Ignatius: What does the “Malay spirit” mean these days?

To great men of the past, the Malay spirit was about integrity, honour and selfless public service.

Dennis Ignatius: No end to the madness

If it’s not dress codes, then it’s the language issue. Here we go again. Another Malaysian blocked from entering a government department because of apparently...

Dennis Ignatius’ open letter to Anwar

If Anwar steps down now, he will make it possible for us to dream again of building that better Malaysia that we all so desperately want.

Ex-diplomat Dennis Ignatius: Tajuddin’s appointment puts Jakarta in tough spot

Putrajaya has put Indonesia in a “difficult position” by appointing Tajuddin as the ambassador to the republic.

Dennis Ignatius on the Anwar-Najib debate: Just another Wayang Kulit show

The word fake was writ large over the Anwar-Najib debate.

Dennis Ignatius: Ismail Sabri’s Dubai debacle

Whichever way you look at it, the debacle reflects poorly on Saifuddin Abdullah.

Dennis Ignatius: Not all seems well at Foreign Ministry over vacancies

Vacancies left unfilled for top positions in Malaysian missions abroad have raised questions over domestic happenings in the Foreign Ministry.

Dennis Ignatius: Who will be the next prime minister?

If we have to resign ourselves to UMNO returning to Putrajaya, it would be nice if Tok Mat was at the helm.

Dennis Ignatius: Johor and the rejection of Pakatan Harapan

PH must now take ownership of its own poor leadership, its muddled messaging and its unappealing platform and act quickly and decisively.

Dennis Ignatius: Why support Gerak Independent?

If real change is to come, GE15 must be about resetting national politics.

Dennis Ignatius: Shame on us all!

By our vote, we empower the very corruption and abuse of power that oppresses us.

Dennis Ignatius: End of the road for Pakatan Harapan?

For the millions of Malaysians who supported PH, the unravelling of the coalition is a huge disappointment.

Dennis Ignatius: Useless, clueless and worthless

The whole of Putrajaya is now becoming a fetid swamp of corruption, malfeasance and dishonesty.

Dennis Ignatius: The worst government ever!

It is the spirit of ordinary citizens that keeps this country going.

Dennis Ignatius: A Pakatan Harapan without DAP?

A stand-alone DAP might well play the role of kingmaker in exchange for key concessions of importance to all Malaysians.

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