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Speaker ejects Pendang MP for repeatedly interrupting Rafizi

A commotion erupted in the Dewan Rakyat when Rafizi Ramli called Awang Solahuddin Hashim a "clown".

Chaos in Dewan Rakyat as Shahidan says Mohd Sany has a...

‘Monkey’ business in the august house.

Uproar in Dewan Rakyat as Muhyiddin’s son-in law is mentioned in...

Dewan Rakyat deputy speaker Alice Lau this morning ordered Khoo Poay Tiong to retract a statement he made against Muhyiddin.

MPs in shouting match over Agong’s speech

A brief shouting match erupted between two MPs in the Dewan Rakyat over the Agong's speech.

Commotion in Dewan Rakyat over Menu Rahmah

A commotion erupted today in Dewan Rakyat over the recently launched Menu Rahmah initiative.

Shouting match in Dewan as Hamzah cites Italian report on ‘first...

Chaos reigned when parliamentary opposition leader Hamzah Zainudin quoted an Italian news agency as saying Anwar Ibrahim was Malaysia's first "full-blown homosexual" PM.

Dewan Rakyat’s first agenda on Dec 19 is electing new Speaker

Parliament will convene for two days on Dec 19 and 20, with the first agenda being to elect a new Dewan Rakyat Speaker.

Anti-hopping law to be tabled for first reading in Dewan Negara...

Law minister hoped bill could be enforced in the first week of September.

IPCC Bill passed in Dewan Rakyat

The controversial IPCC Bill 2020, which deals with complaints about police misconduct, was passed by a voice vote in Dewan Rakyat today.

Sosma’s controversial clause extended till 2027

Opposition fails in bid to block Sosma extension.

MPs to get briefing on Sulu claims from ministers at hotel

The government will hold a closed-door briefing session at a hotel tonight for parliamentarians on claims over Petronas assets by heirs of the Sulu sultanate.

Speaker to get to the bottom of Tajuddin’s tirade

Azhar urged to “right a wrong.”

Dewan Rakyat passes Anti-Sexual Harassment Bill

Anti-Sexual Harassment Bill 2021 (AGS 2021) finally passed today.

Azalina: Sexual harassment tribunal should be a committee, not an individual

Azalina objects to ministry sec-gen being sole administrator in sexual harassment cases.

Dewan Rakyat uproar: Tajuddin allegedly utters swear word

Tajuddin had mentioned the word "p*****k", a swear word in the Malay language which references women’s genitalia.

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