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Dennis Ignatius’ GE15 campaign notes: Vote once to stop two prime...

If Ramanan loses, PH will only have itself to blame for fielding such a lacklustred candidate against the man who would be king.

PH’s muddled GE narrative

If Zahid is defeated in Bagan Datuk, there's no need for the slogan "one vote for BN is one vote for Zahid" anymore as that would be the end of his political career.

Dennis Ignatius: GE15 campaign notes – who scares you less?

After more than 60 years of independence, it is tragic that our elections are not about but leadership, ideas and polices but about who scares us less.

Hottest seats to watch out for in GE15

The hottest seats to keep an eye on this election, in the order of parliamentary seats.

History created in GE15

PH has fielded the most number of candidates at 206.

Full list of candidates for Parliament seats in GE15

Here is the full list of candidates contesting for Parliamentary seats in GE15.

Why prices of everything will skyrocket if Umno wins GE15

The main problem is the weak Ringgit, which keeps sliding against the US dollar.

Hadi: Umno ploy to win less seats in GE15 to let...

Hadi Awang has made a seemingly outlandish claim of a ploy in Umno to ensure BN would win less seats in GE15.

Tian Chua coy about helping Prabakaran in GE15

Tian Chua is tight-lipped on whether he will assist fellow party member P Prabakaran with his campaign in GE15.

BN announces GE15 candidate list

Ahead of nomination day, BN has unveiled some of its candidates for GE15.

Independent candidates ready for hard fight in GE15

Independent candidates for the Bagan Datuk and Batu parliamentary seats are aware of the uphill task they face in GE15.

Tony Pua sits out GE15

Tony Pua confirmed that he will not be taking part in GE15.

Charles overwhelmed by show of support amid GE15 candidacy drop speculation

Incumbent Klang MP Charles Santiago is surprised and overwhelmed with the show of support shown toward him by various groups of his electorate.

The battle for Perak – Anwar’s attack in Tambun a long...

Anwar’s tactical move to Tambun would provide the little push required to repeat the 2018 result.

Bersih: Join the GE15 ‘amazing race’ and help bring postal votes...

Malaysians across the globe are urged to unite in “the amazing race” to get postal ballots from voters overseas back to Malaysia in time for GE15.

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