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Guan Eng: PM must rein in MACC

Ismail Sabri must stop the MACC from selective investigation.

Guan Eng: Why no effort to get RPK back for questioning...

Lim Guan Eng today questioned the authorities over a lack of effort to bring Raja Petra back for investigation over his many questionable allegations published online.

Guan Eng: DAP won’t work with Bersatu or PAS again

DAP will not amend ties with Bersatu or PAS as the two parties cannot be trusted.

Guan Eng: No second chance for ‘backstabber’ Muhyiddin

DAP will not cooperate with Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin because of his betrayal of PH through the Sheraton Move.

Better resign for spreading fake news, Guan Eng tells Umno leaders...

PH has been proven to be not an oathbreaker in its political truce with the government.

Guan Eng: Govt should consider offering financial compensation to families of...

The government should consider offering financial compensation to the families of people who died while in custody.

DAP says MoU ‘finished’ if anti-party hopping bill not passed

The MoU will end if the government does not pass the anti-party hopping bill.

In last speech as DAP sec-gen, Guan Eng urges PH parties...

Lim Guan Eng today said PH needs to do a better job to communicate its message to Malaysians if it is to regain their support, especially for the next general election.

Guan Eng: Logo fiasco cost Harapan dearly in Johor

PH had trouble presenting a united front during the Johor election.

Guan Eng suggests Rafizi contest for PKR’s top spot

Rafizi should contest for the top post against Anwar at the incoming party elections.

Guan Eng: DAP and PH must fix weaknesses

DAP and PH need to fix their weaknesses.

Guan Eng: Najib stonewalling Speaker’s orders puts him in contempt of...

Najib was asked to give an explanation to the Dewan Rakyat tomorrow regarding his remarks on 1MDB which were said to have misled the august House.

Retract claim or I’ll sue, Guan Eng tells MCA veep, The...

Lim Guan Eng has threatened to sue Tan Teik Cheng and The Star over a report he says contains false claims against him.

Guan Eng: Making way for Muda in Johor polls first move...

Giving up seats to Muda in the coming Johor polls would help strengthen the opposition.

Guan Eng: Probe Zeti, others implicated in latest 1MDB exposes

There have been calls from both sides of the political divide for Zeti to be probed.

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