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Dennis Ignatius: Hadi throws down the gauntlet

PAS is pushing Malaysia towards a more rigid, more conservative religious milieu as part of its strategy to transform Malaysia into a theocratic state.

Mariam Mokhtar: Hadi and Mahathir – the odd couple…they make strange...

These two men will never admit that their divisive policies, and their use of race and religion have failed.

Hadi delivers Friday sermon in mosque despite ban from state Islamic...

Hadi Awang today delivered his weekly sermon at the Rusila mosque in Marang, Terengganu, despite the prohibition by the state Islamic council against doing so.

Bukit Aman to handle probe on Hadi’s govt ouster claim

Investigations against Hadi Awang on his claims that PN was attempting to topple the government will be conducted by Federal police Classified Crime Investigation Unit.

Amanah youth chief: Hadi should be stripped of his titles

Amanah youth wing has urged the Agong to strip Hadi Awang of his Tan Sri title.

Mat Sabu: Hadi’s ‘topple govt’ remarks could spook investors

Mohamad Sabu is afraid that Hadi's alleged admission of a plot to topple the government might drive away investors.

Hadi shows middle finger to Terengganu Sultan’s decree

Hadi belittled and humiliated the sultan openly.

Submit memo to sultan if you disagree with ruling, Hadi told

Hadi told to submit a memorandum to the sultan if he disagrees with the move to ban politicians from delivering lectures in mosques and suraus.

Hadi: No party can stop PN from toppling unity govt

Hadi claims the opposition has every right to topple the current government, not just through elections but via parliament.

Hadi to defy ban on political talks

Saying there is nothing wrong with Muslim politicians delivering sermons in mosques or surau, Hadi Awang says he will continue doing so despite the ban in Terengganu.

Carry on dreaming of govt’s collapse, Anwar tells Hadi

Anwar Ibrahim has chided Hadi Awang for predicting that the unity government would collapse before the end of its term.

Hadi harps on PH’s non-Muslim MPs, but numbers show more Muslims...

Hadi Awang today hit out against the unity government by highlighting PH MPs as being predominantly non-Muslim.

Muhyiddin and Hadi desperate to snatch power before Johor Sultan becomes...

As the new King in 2024, Sultan Ibrahim will be disastrous to both Muhyiddin and Hadi.

The ‘black wave protest’ – Muhyiddin and Hadi’s latest plot to...

PN wants a share of power rather than have no power at all.

Hadi: PN to wait for next GE to ‘topple’ govt

PN is working to become the government by winning the next general election instead of looking to topple the current government.

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