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Cabinet ministers hit back at Hishammuddin for ‘uninterested’ 2024 Budget comment

Two cabinet ministers have hit back at Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein calling the latter's statement "unfair" and "biased" after he claimed that they were...

Latest plan to topple PM

Essentially, Hishammuddin, PAS and Bersatu will be up against the Bangsa Johor and Sultan Ibrahim. PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang told all and sundry that...

KJ: Hisham would have been sacked if he was not an...

Hishammuddin Hussein would have been sacked from Umno if he was not a member of parliament.

Hishammuddin prepared to face music over ‘betrayal’ claim

Hishammuddin is willing to face the music for his alleged “betrayal” of the party by backing Muhyiddin as the 10th PM.

Hisham: PN did not offer me PM post

Hishammuddin has denied that he was offered the prime minister post by PN.

Hishammuddin sticks to ‘No Anwar, No DAP’ stance

Hishammuddin has reiterated his opposition against working with PH to form a new federal government.

Hisham: Candidates asked to sign letters pledging allegiance to BN, not...

It is untrue that Zahid had demanded that BN candidates sign a letter giving him the mandate to choose who would be in the cabinet if the coalition wins GE15.

PKR’s Hasni Abas to take on Hishammuddin in Sembrong

PKR will field its Parit Sulong division chief Hasni Abas in the Sembrong parliamentary seat for GE15.

Hishammuddin: Only one SOP but 9 guidelines as country transits to...

The 9 guidelines will not be enforced but are recommendations.

Not just Hisham should resign, Hamzah should step down too!

Ministers who don’t empathise with the rakyat should be given the boot.

MPs call out PM for playing down Covid-19 SOP violations amid...

Hishammuddin Hussein should be relieved of his official ministerial duties after admitting to breaching pandemic regulations during an event in Johor yesterday.

Hishammuddin wants cops to track down culprits behind fake letter

Hishammuddin wants the police to identify the culprits behind a fake letter purported from him to the Agong that went viral yesterday.

Hisham to PH Leaders: Backdoor Government? Talk to Your PM

Hishammuddin Hussein said PH leaders accusing him of trying to form a backdoor government should talk to Dr Mahathir.

Report: Plot Thickens with Sources Claiming PH Leaders Working with Hisham

Claims of plots and counterplots being hatched begs the question if the nation would witness a repeat of the 1998 episode.

PH Tells Hisham to Stop Pushing for Government Without DAP, Amanah

Pakatan Harapan today claimed that Umno's Hishammuddin Hussein is pushing for the formation of a government that will exclude both DAP and Amanah.

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