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Ismail Sabri refutes claims of RM620b unrecorded govt expenditure during MCO

Ismail Sabri has denied claims that RM620 billion in government expenditure was not recorded by the Treasury between 2020 and this year.

Take responsibility over GE15 loss, Shahrir tells Ismail Sabri

Ismail Sabri must take responsibility for the party's poor performance in GE15.

Khairy: If Ismail becomes PM, he should be Umno president

If Ismail Sabri Yaakob becomes the next prime minister, then he should also be made the Umno president.

Ismail Sabri: Accusation of Armed Forces personnel getting RM300 to vote...

Accusations and claims that Armed Forces personnel being paid RM300 for voting in the Bera parliamentary constituency are lies.

PKR’s Lee Boon Chye: Ismail Sabri finding ways to postpone GE15,...

Ismail initially assured that the government has taken the necessary measures to tackle the flood issue during polling day.

Muhyiddin: Ismail Sabri refused to enable loan moratoriums

Muhyiddin said his appeals to the Ismail Sabri-led government for a moratorium on loans taken out by micro, small, and medium enterprises were rejected.

Ismail Sabri must explain refusal to heed MetMalaysia advice not to...

Ismail Sabri said it is up to the Election Commission to decide whether to stop the 15th general election process if the country is hit by massive floods.

Sarawak Report: Will Ismail’s ‘political ammo’ blow up in his face?

Up to Malaysian electorate to decide if Ismail is as bad a prime minister as he plainly is a lawyer.

Mat Sabu: PH turned away attempt to topple Ismail Sabri

Yet another attempt to overthrow a government administration was in the works prior to the recent dissolution of Parliament.

Dennis Ignatius: Ismail Sabri’s election bullets

Why Ismail Sabri set up special task forces to investigate Tommy Thomas along with Mahathir Mohamad.

Guan Eng: Is Ismail Sabri fit to be PM after joking...

There are some things caretaker prime ministers should not joke about, such as sacking members of their Cabinet.

Kit Siang: Ismail Sabri’s order on Thomas sends justice into wilderness

Lim Kit Siang launched a scathing salvo on Ismail Sabri for allegedly undermining the constitutional position of the attorney-general.

Caretaker PM can’t write off debts, say ex-MPs, Bersih chief

Writing of hundreds of millions tantamount to ‘abusing state resources’ by using tax monies to ‘fish for votes’ among Felcra settlers and Risda smallholders.

Ismail Sabri blames Muhyiddin, PN for Agong’s ‘disappointment’

PN's open hostility towards BN and its undermining of the government were why the 15th general election had to be held now.

Ismail Sabri: Proposal to dissolve parliament collective decision of Umno Supreme...

Prime minister will seek an audience with the King.

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