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Hisyam Teh takes over as Muhyiddin’s lead counsel in Jana Wibawa...

Muhyiddin's lead counsel Hisyam Teh

‘Datuk Roy’ released on MACC bail

Another remand application on another case tomorrow for Datuk Roy.

‘Datuk Roy’ remanded 3 days over Jana Wibawa probe

The individual, whose registered name is Mohd Hussein Mohd Nasir, is alleged to be the key mastermind behind the Jana Wibawa corruption scandal.

Jana Wibawa: Latest arrests involve relatives who ‘scammed’ politician’s son

MACC’s investigation into the Jana Wibawa programme has uncovered a tangled web allegedly involving the family members of a top politician.

Anwar: Chinese firm ‘bumiputera-fied’ under Jana Wibawa

Anwar Ibrahim told Dewan Rakyat that a Chinese-owned company posed as a bumiputera firm to participate in the Jana Wibawa programme.

Adam Radlan charged yet again with Jana Wibawa graft case

Third time charged for corruption relating to Jana Wibawa project.

Up to RM3b saved after flood mitigation projects, Jana Wibawa cancelled

The country is set to save up to RM3 billion after the cancellation of RM15 billion worth of flood mitigation projects and the RM7 billion Jana Wibawa scheme.

Jana Wibawa: Several more probes ongoing, including on Muhyiddin

More charges related to the Jana Wibawa scheme might be laid soon.

‘Datuk’ charged with accepting RM12.8m in bribes over Jana Wibawa

Teo Wee Cheng has been slapped with nine charges of soliciting and accepting bribes totalling RM12.8 million in relation to the Jana Wibawa programme.

Adam Radlan charged again over Jana Wibawa scheme

Adam Radlan claimed trial to two more bribery charges at the Sessions Court in Shah Alam today in connection with the Jana Wibawa scheme.

Wan Saiful, Adam Radlan charged with corruption

Wan Saiful claimed trial to two charges of corruption involving some RM6.9 million, said to be linked to the Jana Wibawa programme.

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