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Jho Low got 10,000 additional Haj quota for Malaysia

Jho Low was known to get things done through back channels

Jho Low allegedly swindled money from 1MDB without Najib’s knowledge

Jho Low swindled billions of ringgit from 1MDB even before Najib opened the bank accounts related to the charges against him.

Jho Low lost tens of millions of dollars in Vegas

Jho Low wagered almost $87 million at the Venetian, lost about $26 million.

1MDB obtained injunction to freeze Jho Low’s assets in Malaysia

The injunction limits Low and his father from spending no more than RM20,000 a month each for living and legal expenses.

New documentary on Jho Low and 1MDB scandal starts production in...

A new documentary about fugitive businessman Jho Low has begun shooting this week in London, reported entertainment news site Deadline.

FBI agent: Jho Low stole US$1.42b from Goldman 1MDB deal, Najib...

Khadem al-Qubaisi received $472.8 million, while another Abu Dhabi official pocketed $76.6 million, Leissner and Ng got $73.4 million and $35.1 million, respectively.

1MDB trial: Shafee, ex-CFO in heated argument over Jho Low’s opulent...

The 1MDB’s ex-chief financial officer and Najib's lead lawyer got into a heated argument over Jho Low's opulent lifestyle.

Ex-Goldman exec: Ng ‘advised caution’ with Jho Low

Low could not explain the source of his wealth and he submitted letters of recommendation “of an authenticity that can’t be verified”.

Leissner: Jho Low said he discussed 1MDB probe with Trump allies

Low claimed to have met with Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law.

Leissner: Jho Low said money from third 1MDB bond meant to...

Najib's secretaries involved in third 1MDB bond issuance.

1MDB claims Jho Low is Najib’s proxy for ‘fraudulent intentions’

1MDB claimed that Jho Low was its shadow director during the alleged embezzlement of funds out of 1MDB.

Jho Low tried to book Bill Clinton for Rosmah’s soirée

Event congratulating Rosmah for being conferred the International Peace and Harmony Award.

Jho Low ‘chased’ Leissner over donation to Rosmah’s charity

A contribution of US$300,000 (RM1.2 million) was eventually made.

Tim Leissner: Senior Goldman staff knew about Jho Low in 1MDB

Leissner and Ng deceived Goldman superiors about bribes paid out in the scam.

Jho Low partied like there was no tomorrow

Low allegedly made off with US$700 million (RM2.93 billion) in the global fraud.

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