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Zeti: I don’t know Jho Low, he never visited or cooked...

Former Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) governor Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz told the High Court here on Tuesday (Aug 15) that fugitive businessman...

Jasmine Loo set to sing like a canary as witness in...

Jho Low might want to see how the authorities treat Loo before making his next move to also negotiate and surrender. Her two luxury cars...

Jho Low’s family mansion still well maintained

Jho Low's family mansion

1MDB author claims Jho Low under house arrest in Shanghai

Jho Low under house arrest in Shanghai

Cyprus revokes Jho Low’s citizenship

Jho Low's Cyprus citizenship revoked

Azam: No settlement with Jho Low as he has ‘damaged’ country

The MACC disagrees with reaching a settlement with Jho Low.

MACC brings back alleged Jho Low associate

Jho Low's associate

Report claims Malaysia hammering out deal for Jho Low’s repatriation

Malaysian government officials are working on a deal with China that would see Jho Low repatriated to Malaysia.

Jho Low paid rapper Pras US$20m to get picture with Obama

Money from Jho Low to rapper Pras was to arrange for a picture with Obama, not campaign donation.

1MDB case: Leonardo DiCaprio says Jho Low planned to donate to...

DiCaprio testified in the trial of rapper Pras Michel who is accused of illegally taking tens of millions of dollars to lobby the US government on behalf of Jho Low.

Azam: MACC’s cooperation with Kuwait led to Jho Low’s conviction

The MACC has denied allegations that it had been uncooperative with Kuwaiti efforts to prosecute 1MDB-related crimes in the Gulf state.

1MDB case: US accuses Fugees rapper of illegal lobbying for Jho...

Pras Michel's lobbying schemes to influence the administrations of Obama and Trump.

Kuwaiti court sentences Jho Low in absentia to 10 years’ jail

Jho Low has been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in absentia by a Kuwaiti court on money laundering charges.

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