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Zahid: Khairy should be thankful to me for having a seat...

Zahid believes that Khairy should be thankful to him for being given a chance to contest in Sungai Buloh in GE15.

KJ disputes Zahid’s claims on Sungai Buloh seat

Zahid claimed KJ had asked to contest the seat.

A vote for Khairy is still a vote for Zahid to...

The perception that Khairy is relatively clean and efficient is because UMNO leaders and ministers are clueless, incompetent, extremely corrupt and not highly educated.

Come clear and accuse me of embezzlement so I can sue,...

Ramanan alleged the Youth and Sports Ministry scandal of RM107 million and UKSB scandal of RM70 million have not been explained until now.

Nice guy or not, a vote for Khairy is really for...

Sivarasa arrived at the nomination centre to show support to PH candidate for the seat in GE15.

Khairy denies signing letter of pledge with Umno letterhead

Khairy said he did not sign any letter of pledge with the Umno letterhead, as had been viralled.

Rafizi: PKR may reconsider Sg Buloh candidate after KJ named as...

There is a likelihood that PKR will change its candidate to contest for the Sg Buloh parliamentary seat.

Khairy: Monsoon season not suitable for elections

Having an election during the monsoon period is not suitable due to logistical and health issues.

Khairy: Najib transferred to Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital for physiotherapy

Najib Razak was transferred to the Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital (CRH) because he required physiotherapy.

Khairy dismisses claims Najib will be sent to IJN for treatment

Khairy has denied claims that Najib will be sent to IJN for treatment.

KJ: Pak Lah has dementia

Pak Lah does not recognise his family members and cannot function normally anymore.

Khairy: Masking indoors now optional

The wearing of face masks indoors is now optional and with immediate effect.

‘Rembau Raid’ an indictment of Umno’s power lust

Khairy has yesterday confirmed that he will be vacating his Rembau Parliamentary seat for Mohamad Hasan in the upcoming general election.

Khairy to ‘give way’ to Tok Mat in Rembau, unsure if...

Khairy Jamaluddin confirmed today that he has been asked to “move out” of the Rembau parliamentary seat in Negri Sembilan to make way for Mohamad Hasan.

Khairy okays recommendations for amendments to GEG bill

The bill, among others, seeks to ban those born 2007 onwards from smoking, buying or having tobacco and vaping products.

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