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Sosma to Be Amended, Not Repealed

Putrajaya will amend instead of repeal Sosma.

Armed Forces Trio Serving Hisham Told to Report Back for Duty

The armed forces trio serving Hishammuddin has been told to report back for duty.

Mat Sabu to MACC: Probe Anyone in Mindef, Even in My...

Mat Sabu has told the MACC to probe anyone in Mindef, even in his office.

Differing Views on Whether Proper to Reveal Only Four Fighter Jets...

Differing views on whether it is proper to reveal only four of our fighter jets can fly.

Najib “Hitting Below the Belt” Calling Mat Sabu “Cartoon”

Najib "hitting below the belt" calling Mat Sabu "cartoon".

Mindef Denies Any Wrongdoing in Flying Mat Sabu on Military Plane

Mindef denies any wrongdoing in flying Mat Sabu on a military plane.

Covid-19: 5 New Cases

Malaysia recorded five new cases of Covid-19 over the last 24 hours — three imported and two local transmissions — bringing the total number of cases locally to 8,668.

Four-Day Water Disruption Anticipated for 290 Areas in Klang Valley

Nearly 300 areas are set to be affected by a scheduled water disruption arising from repair and improvement works to the Sungai Selangor Phase 3 Water Treatment Plant (SSP3 WTP).

PH’s Choice for PM Is Still Anwar

Anwar Ibrahim is still Pakatan Harapan’s choice for prime minister, the coalition’s presidential council said today.

Report: Ex-EC Chair Art Harun to be Named Speaker in Next Parliament Sitting, Azalina...

Muhyiddin Yassin is reportedly expected to name outgoing EC chairman Azhar Azizan Harun as the Dewan Rakyat Speaker during the upcoming Dewan Rakyat sitting on July 13.

Al Jazeera Documentary on Treatment of Migrants During MCO Prompts Backlash

A foreign news report alleging that Malaysia discriminated against illegal immigrants while enforcing the MCO as part of efforts to contain the Covid-19 pandemic is flawed.

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