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Sosma to Be Amended, Not Repealed

Putrajaya will amend instead of repeal Sosma.

Armed Forces Trio Serving Hisham Told to Report Back for Duty

The armed forces trio serving Hishammuddin has been told to report back for duty.

Mat Sabu to MACC: Probe Anyone in Mindef, Even in My...

Mat Sabu has told the MACC to probe anyone in Mindef, even in his office.

Differing Views on Whether Proper to Reveal Only Four Fighter Jets...

Differing views on whether it is proper to reveal only four of our fighter jets can fly.

Najib “Hitting Below the Belt” Calling Mat Sabu “Cartoon”

Najib "hitting below the belt" calling Mat Sabu "cartoon".

Mindef Denies Any Wrongdoing in Flying Mat Sabu on Military Plane

Mindef denies any wrongdoing in flying Mat Sabu on a military plane.

Why Rafizi Quit Politics

Rafizi quit politics allegedly not to make things difficult for Anwar and to rid himself of ungrateful opportunists.

Ambiga Tells PH: No More Delays with IPCMC, Sosma, Sedition Act

Ambiga wants to know the reason why some Pakatan MPs are apparently objecting to the IPCMC.

Cops Question PKR Youth Sec, Detain Six over Brawl at PKR Youth Congress

Police have questioned PKR Youth secretary Ahmad Syukri Che Ab Razak over the fighting at the wing's congress on Friday.

PKR Info Chief: Act Against Zuraida for Insulting Leaders, Revealing Private Details Linked to...

PKR information chief Shamsul today proposed disciplinary action be taken against Zuraida.

Forty Chinese Fugitives Who Escaped Cyberjaya Online Scam Raid in Nov Nabbed

Perak Immigration Department yesterday arrested 40 Chinese nationals, believed to be part of the remaining suspects who had escaped during an operation in Cyberjaya last month.

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