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Hannah Yeoh backs Muda bid to join PH

PH should accept Muda as a component party as supporters want to see a united opposition.

PH holds meeting with Muda, PSM to negotiate partnership for GE15

Pakatan Harapan held a meeting earlier today with Muda to negotiate their participation as a component party in the coalition.

Muda ready to address PKR concerns

PKR uneasy over Muda partnership after Larkin defeat.

Anwar: PH to discuss Muda joining the opposition coalition

PH will discuss Muda joining the opposition coalition as soon as possible.

Muda: Govt must rebuke PAS Youth for calling a stop to...

Zaidel Baharuddin urged the government to openly reprimand the "extreme populist" view from PAS Youth calling for concerts to be stopped from being held in Malaysia.

Fahmi: PH announcing cooperation with another party soon

PH is expected to soon make known its position on cooperating with another opposition party for the upcoming GE15.

Muda: Putrajaya must explain Hasanah’s sudden acquittal

Wan Junaidi explicitly told Parliament that the MACC investigation into the matter was still ongoing.

Muda: Appeal in court if dissatisfied with Najib’s SRC conviction, not...

Cannot let selfish politicians undermine certain judges so it fits their political goals.

Guan Eng: Making way for Muda in Johor polls first move...

Giving up seats to Muda in the coming Johor polls would help strengthen the opposition.

PKR won’t retaliate against Muda out of respect for PH partners

PKR will not contest in Muda's seats in the state election as retaliation against the latter contesting the Larkin seat.

Johor PKR tells Muda to reconsider contesting in Larkin

Johor PKR deputy chief Jimmy Puah has expressed surprise over Muda's decision to contest in Larkin and urged the youth-led party to reconsider.

Muda unveils 3 more candidates for Johor polls

Muda today has unveiled three more of its candidates for the upcoming Johor election.

Syed Saddiq: Muda won’t clash with PH in Johor

Muda is undecided on the actual number of seats it will contest in the Johor state election after negotiations with PKR came to a standstill.

PKR leaders criticise Muda on Johor election seat distribution

Opposition parties PKR and Muda are currently at each other's throats.

Discussion with Muda is over, says PKR chairman on seat allocation

PKR discussion with Muda is over after failing to find a win-win situation for both parties in the run up for the Johor polls.

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