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Bersatu: PM’s office cancelled Aug 4 meeting at the last minute

The aborted meeting a last-ditch effort to press the Prime Minister regarding the MoA between Muhyiddin Yassin and Ismail Sabri.

Kit Siang: Azhar ‘dead wrong’ for describing Muhyiddin as ‘overlooked reformist’

Bersih says democracy in this country had never been more threatened than when it was under Muhyiddin.

Syed Saddiq trial: Gobind and MACC officers lock horns over Muhyiddin

Two MACC officers were accused of protecting Muhyiddin from prosecution as he was then prime minister of Malaysia.

Muhyiddin: Takiyuddin drafted PN-PM agreement over DPM’s post

The draftsman of the agreement between PN and the PM over the appointment of the DPM post is from PAS.

Tok Mat’s interview with Asia Times

UMNO warlords quietly wanted Najib and Zahid to be jailed, but too afraid to say so.

PM-Muhyiddin deal in 2021 for a DPM from Bersatu

A provision under the agreement states that the document cannot be republished in any form and can only be kept for the reference of both parties.

Muhyiddin denies receiving RM1.3m kickbacks from foreign visa system contractor, willing...

Impossible for Muhyiddin to have received any monetary gratification from anyone at that time as he was undergoing an operation and then was on medical leave.

Zahid’s trial: Muhyiddin received RM1.3m from Ultra Kirana in 2018

Muhyiddin received RM1.3 million in political contributions from Ultra Kirana Sdn Bhd in 2018.

Shafie: Muhyiddin wants to be PM again

Shafie Apdal claims that Muhyiddin had called him two months ago to get his backing to become prime minister again.

Muhyiddin: Zahid asked me to intervene in court case

Muhyiddin has claimed that Zahid showed him a large stack of files linked to his criminal cases and asked for his help to intervene in the court proceedings.

Zahid sues Muhyiddin for defamation over claims of intervention in his...

Zahid has filed a defamation suit against Muhyiddin over allegations the latter made while on the Johor elections campaign trail.

Muhyiddin: Najib is clever at lying

Muhyiddin today accused Najib of “tainting” the Dewan Rakyat by lying about 1MDB’s debt.

Najib: I will debate Muhyiddin on Felda, Azmin can be his...

Azmin had said during a ceramah yesterday that the mismanagement of Felda under Najib must be revealed.

MACC urged to explain to explain why Muhyiddin, Tajuddin cases NFA

Anti-graft groups have called on the MACC to explain why its probes into Muhyiddin and Tajuddin were classified as requiring “no further action”.

Muhyiddin: Najib receives huge crowd ‘because people want to see a...

Muhyiddin said the huge crowd that Najib received in Johor does not necessarily mean the people have started to accept him.

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