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MACC probing claims of graft by 3 Umno MPs who joined...

Claims of graft by Zahid.

Mustapa: Govt to defer, cancel new projects

The government is taking measures to save public expenditure by postponing or not continuing any project that has yet to commence.

Mas Ermieyati and Mustapa Mohamed deny Zahid’s misappropriation claim

Mas Ermieyati has dismissed claims made by Zahid that she had defected from Umno after GE14 to save herself from MACC investigations into alleged abuse of election funds.

Police to question Mustapa Mohamed for violating SOP

Police will call several individuals, including Mustapa Mohamed, for questioning for violating SOPs under Phase One of the National Recovery Plan.

Daim Allegedly Threatened Mustapa – Quit or Face Charges

Lokman Noor Adam has accused Daim Zainuddin of threatening Mustapa Mohamed with court charges.

After Tok Pa’s Exit from Umno, Anifah Follows Suit

After Tok Pa's exit from Umno, Anifah Aman follows suit.

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