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Najib urges leaders named in ‘Pas leaks’ document to lodge police...

Najib has called on the individuals listed in the "Pas leaks" document to come forward and lodge a police report.

How about you proving your 115, Najib tells Muhyiddin

Najib has challenged Muhyiddin to reveal the identity of the 115 MPs who had allegedly given their support to him.

The Edge owner: Najib asked me to leave after I suggested...

Tong suggested that Low be investigated and prosecuted.

Irwan: Najib kept quiet on PAC recommendation to take action against...

Irwan attended no meeting despite receiving a RM25,000 monthly salary as a member of the 1MDB board of advisers.

Prison Dept: Najib not allowed to issue GE15 statements

Prison inmates are not allowed to issue any statement for the purpose of campaigning in GE15.

AmBank’s ex-MD: Jho Low introduced me to Najib at then-PM’s house

Cheah was at Najib’s house to help him open a personal account with AmIslamic Bank.

Prison Dept: Najib not allowed to campaign for GE15

Najib will not be allowed to leave prison to campaign in the 15th general election.

Dr M warns Najib will walk free if Umno win GE15

Dr Mahathir claims that since Umno and BN were in control of the government machinery, they would abuse everything at their disposal to ensure victory in GE15.

Najib files judicial review in bid to attend parliament

Najib Razak has filed a judicial review to challenge the Prison Department’s decision to reject his request to attend parliament.

Jelutong MP: Is Najib still paid MP allowance?

A lawmaker asked the Dewan Rakyat today if Najib Razak was still being paid his allowance as a parliamentarian.

Prison Dept rejected Najib’s application to attend Parliament because of security...

Najib Razak’s application to attend Parliament as a Pekan MP has failed.

Alleged Arab royal promised US$1.17b donation to Najib, claim letters

All three letters from alleged Saudi prince careful to say that the donation of hundreds of millions of US dollars should not be seen as an act of corruption.

Speaker: Najib can attend Parliament if Prison Dept allows him

Azhar Harun today made it clear that he has no power to decide if Najib Razak can attend Parliament.

Shafee to lead Najib’s SRC review bid

Najib's review application to reverse his conviction and sentence for the misappropriation of RM42 million in SRC funds has been fixed for case management.

Najib in good health, sent back to Kajang prison

Najib is now in good condition and has been sent back to Kajang prison.

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