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Najib, Rosmah, Daughter Leave Bank Negara After Inspecting Seized Items

Najib Razak has left Bank Negara Malaysia after spending more than three hours inspecting seized items there.

Najib, Rosmah, Three Others Strike Out Deepak’s RM53.6M Suit

Najib and Rosmah succeeded in striking out a RM52.6 million suit filed against them and three others by Deepak Jaikishan.

RM500K Birthday Watch for Rosmah, RM3.3M Jewellery Gift for Ex-Qatar PM’s...

Najib told the High Court today that he gave his wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, a watch, priced at US$130,625 (RM543,530), for her birthday.

Sarawak Tycoon Bustari Seeks to Settle RM11.9M Government Forfeiture Suit

Sarawak businessman Bustari Yusof is seeking to settle the government’s forfeiture suit against him for allegedly receiving RM11.9 million of 1MDB funds.

Ex-1MDB CEO Paid RM99K Monthly, RM1.5M Bonus

Shahrol also received RM179,000 a year in director’s fees and another RM1,500 each time he attended a 1MDB board meeting.

Witness Identifies Riza Aziz, Arul Kanda, Five Others as Key Players...

Riza Aziz and Arul Kanda among seven key people linked to 1MDB who were identified in court today by a witness.

Najib, Referred to as “Optimus Prime”, Received and Used RM606M from...

The High Court was told that Jho Low had referred to Najib Razak as "Optimus Prime".

Najib, Irwan, Hasanah Used Money for Personal Gain

Najib Razak, Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah and Hasanah Abdul Hamid were charged with criminal breach of trust as they are believed to have used some of the money entrusted to them for personal gain.

Najib, Irwan Charged with RM6.6B CBT of Govt Funds

Najib and Irwan claim trial to RM6.6 billion CBT charges.

Legal Who’s Who in Irwan, Najib, Hasanah Cases

Irwan represented by Rosmah's lawyers.

Irwan, Najib, Hasanah in Court

All eyes on the KL court complex as Irwan, Najib and Hasanah face charges.

Najib, Johari, Irwan Resign from Khazanah

Najib, Johari and Irwan resign from Khazanah board.

Johnny Depp Denies Slapping Ex-Wife in Row over “Wino Forever” Tattoo

Hollywood star Johnny Depp denied slapping his ex-wife Amber Heard after he became angry because she mocked him over one of his tattoos.

Kanye West Breaks Ranks with Trump, Vows to Win Presidential Race

Rapper Kanye West signalled he no longer supports US President Donald Trump and said he had entered the presidential race to win it, in an interview published today.

Covid-19: 3 New Cases

Malaysia today reported three new Covid-19 cases, all of them imported.

Upskilling to Be More Competitive and Productive

If training is facilitated by industry experts, trainees would be guided to learn systematically, see the big picture and connect the dots.

Nazri Aziz Says Muhyiddin Should Rejoin Umno and Become Its President

Muhyiddin Yassin should return to Umno and take charge as its president.

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