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Sarawak Report: Looks like Najib’s ‘pardon’ just backfired?

The outcome of this ‘pardon’ is to confirm everyone has agreed that Najib is guilty and that includes the departing King. The fate of the...

Muda: Dr Zaliha must be sacked immediately

Pardons board duty bound to explain to public the basis of which Najib’s sentence was commuted to only half. Minister in the Prime Minister's Department...

Why Najib cannot walk away free

Five non-political reasons why there won’t be any royal pardon. Exactly why should former Prime Minister Najib Razak be given a royal pardon after serving...

Pardons Board’s official statement on Najib unlikely to be issued today

The official statement from the Pardons Board on Najib Abdul Razak's bid for freedom is not likely to be issued today. The delay is thought...

No discussion on Najib’s pardon bid by Pardons Board

Najib's bid for pardon

Petition on Najib’s royal pardon: 140,000 oppose, 9,400 support

Bersih’s petition would be one of the top signed petitions on Change.org if it reaches its target of 150,000.

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