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Najib seeks to tender new evidence to support his defence days...

Najib asks Court of Appeal to decide on his application before delivering decision on his appeal against the SRC conviction.

Najib’s SRC appeal: Hearing completed, court reserves judgment

Najib's appeal hearing against his conviction and jail sentence was completed on Tuesday (May 18) after the court heard the arguments from both parties for 15 days.

Najib’s SRC appeal: Najib’s defence team reprimanded for being repetitive, “incoherent”...

The Court of Appeal has reprimanded Najib's defence team for being repetitive and “incoherent” in its submissions.

Najib’s SRC appeal: Sithambaram rebukes Najib’s lawyers for unwarranted claim of...

Lead prosecutor says lawyers cannot overstep the bounds of propriety and courtesy while representing their client.

Najib’s SRC appeal: Defence team scored their own goal in admitting...

BBM chats between Low and Yu strengthened the prosecution’s case against Najib.

Najib’s SRC appeal: Defence nothing but a cock and bull story

The DPP said Najib had come up with absurd tales and blamed everyone else to defend himself.

Najib’s SRC appeal: SRC a sham

SRC International’s investment plans were only on paper and nothing had come to fruition.

Najib’s SRC appeal: Najib had total control of SRC

Najib was the “shadow director” and “controlling mind” of SRC in his capacity as the then prime minister, finance minister and adviser emeritus.

Najib’s SRC appeal: SRC acted in Najib’s interest, not government’s

Najib’s unwillingness to allow anyone to get involved with SRC’s funds implied a strong personal interest within the firm.

Najib’s SRC appeal: Defence claims High Court judge had “desire” to...

The defence in Najib's SRC appeal argues that Najib should have been made to answer in a general election instead.

Najib’s SRC appeal: Judge reminds Najib’s lawyer not to repeat points...

Court of Appeal Judge Abdul Karim Abdul Jalil today reminded Najib's lawyer against repeating the same points in the hearing of Najib's appeal.

Najib’s SRC appeal: Defence blames Jho Low for transfer of RM42m...

Najib's lawyer claims that ex-foundation chief’s evidence is hearsay.

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