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Fireman: Cradle Fund CEO Had Holes on Head, Fireworks Found in...

The fireman who was the first to discover Nazrin Hassan’s body told the court today that there were holes on the head of the Cradle Fund CEO when he was found in his room.

Cradle Fund CEO Murder Trial: Samirah’s Son Filed Police Report of...

The High Court heard today that one of the two teenagers accused of murdering Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan had lodged a police report...

Cradle Fund CEO Murder Trial: Fireman Says Widow Didn’t Seem Sad...

Watch, money missing after fire in Cradle Fund CEO murder.

Cradle Fund CEO Murder Trial: Public Entered House After Fire

Cradle Fund CEO was a diehard fan of Arsenal football club.

Cradle Fund CEO Murder Trial: Cop Who Received Call on Fire,...

A Petaling Jaya district police officer told the Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan’s murder trial today about receiving a call saying a house was on fire.

Second Autopsy Shows Cradle CEO Died of Head Injuries, Not Blast

Former Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan died of multiple head injuries that were not caused by a charging mobile phone that supposedly exploded near him.

Cradle CEO Nazrin Received Death Threat Three Months Before Murder

Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan received an anonymous phone call threatening his life three months before his murder.

Reburial of Cradle CEO Postponed

Post-mortem of Cradle CEO yet to be concluded.

Cradle CEO’s Wife, Ex-Husband Arrested over Murder Investigation

The wife of Cradle CEO has been arrested over a murder investigation.

Wife of Slain Cradle CEO Slams Probe, Disputes Police Claim of...

The wife of slain Cradle CEO Nazrin Hassan has slammed the probe into his death, disputing the police's claim of murder.

Death of Cradle Chief in Fire Reclassified as Murder

The death of Cradle chief Nazrin Hassan in a fire has been reclassified as murder.

Mobile Phone Explosion Blamed for Death of Cradle Fund CEO

A mobile phone explosion has been blamed for the death of Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan.

Has PH Crossed the Rubicon?

I write to express my utter disappointment with PH's failure to stand up and be counted, literally.

Najib Opposes Borrowing Money to Help People but He Borrowed Till National Debts Hit...

When a crook like Najib Razak proposes something, just do the opposite and it should be the best solution.

Mariam Mokhtar: Do You Know When Malaysia Became So Intolerant?

This country is going through a massive cultural change.

Maradona’s Doctor Investigated for Manslaughter

Diego Maradona's doctor is being investigated for possible manslaughter.

Arrested for Alleged Rape, Preacher-cum-TV-Star Now Accused of Outraging College Student’s Modesty

A female college student has lodged a police report against a young preacher-cum-television celebrity for allegedly outraging her modesty.

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