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Neelofa, hubby discharged not amounting to acquittal

Prosecution has withdrawn all charges against Noor Neelofa and her husband.

Neelofa’s mum apologises for IG post

Noor Kartini has lodged a police report following a staff member who had allegedly misused her Instagram account for personal use.

Lawyers lodge complaint against Neelofa for alleged special treatment at Seremban...

A complaint has reportedly been lodged with the Negri Sembilan Bar Committee following the alleged special treatment given to Neelofa and her husband.

Nilai cops point to AGC for decision not to charge Neelofa,...

The AGC made the decision not to press charges against Neelofa and her husband who both violated an MCO SOP in crossing state lines to visit a carpet seller in Nilai.

Netizens tired of Neelofa’s SOP violations

Close to 20,000 individuals have signed an online petition calling for her to be jailed for umpteen violations of the SOP.

Investigation into possible MCO violations again by Neelofa and family

Neelofa is in hot water again after a photo allegedly showing several members of her family visiting her home during Hari Raya was uploaded on to social media.

“You’ll never learn”: Netizens accuse Neelofa of violating interstate travel ban...

Malaysian social media users are claiming Neelofa and her husband have once again made an interstate trip.

Neelofa accused of “exploiting religion” with launch of RM79 “Muslim-friendly” slippers

Malaysian social media users are accusing Neelofa of religious exploitation after she released “Muslim-friendly” slippers with local footwear brand Fipper.

Show we worry about Omicron?

Omicron could cause significant problems for the global economy.

Bersatu Youth wants Rosmah’s passport cancelled

Bersatu Youth has demanded that the authorities cancel Rosmah Mansor’s passport.

Social media pans appointment of Shahrizat’s daughter as MDEC director

Wan Izzana Fatimah Zabedah has been appointed as a MDEC independent non-executive director.

Dennis Ignatius: A Pakatan Harapan without DAP?

A stand-alone DAP might well play the role of kingmaker in exchange for key concessions of importance to all Malaysians.

How UMNO plays PAS

Trapped and ego-bruised Hadi Awang ditched UMNO in order to save face.

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