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Akmal rebuffs Nga over KK Mart boycott call

Umno Youth chief Dr Muhamad Akmal Saleh has today reaffirmed his stance on boycotting KK Mart despite the store issuing an apology for selling...

Fact-check: Old Town White Coffee not owned by Nga

The restaurant chain is no longer owned by Malaysian entities but by a Dutch firm. Disinformation claiming DAP leader and cabinet minister Nga Kor Ming...

Kor Ming: Who’d fend for the Chinese New Villages if not...

Housing and Local Development Minister Nga Kor Ming has today defended his proposal to recognise Chinese New Villages as heritage sites, saying it is...

Threatening notes found outside Nga Kor Ming’s mum’s house

Housing and Local Government Minister Nga Kor Ming’s mother received anonymous threatening letters in front of her house in Ayer Tawar warning him to...

Nga: Cabinet members reaffirm support for PM’s efforts to fight corruption

Cabinet members have reaffirmed their support for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in his efforts to root out corruption regardless of rank or...

Nga: Nation’s civil servants to brush up on English skills

While upholding the use of Bahasa Malaysia, efforts will be made to strengthen the use of English among civil servants this year, says Nga...

Nga: Batang Kali campsites unlicensed

Three campsites buried by a landslide in Batang Kali early this morning were unlicensed.

Nga Kor Ming: Local govt elections not main focus

Nga Kor Ming stressed today that restoring local government elections is not his immediate priority after taking the office.

Nga: Golden chance for a PM from Perak

Nga Kor Ming has strongly hinted that PH's candidate for prime minister will be someone contesting in Perak.

Nga Kor Ming: Perak has left door open for ‘frogs’ to...

Perak MB refused to table anti-party hopping law before dissolving assembly.

Rematch between Nga’s and Kula’s teams in Perak DAP leadership elections

Perak DAP will hold its leadership elections on March 14 which will see a rematch between Nga Kor Ming's team and a group led by M Kulasegaran.

DAP Reps: Charge or Release Sosma Detainees Before Deepavali

Three DAP MPs today reiterated their calls for the release of 12 individuals detained over alleged links to the LTTE, ahead of the Deepavali celebration on Oct 27.

Viral News on Perak Snap Polls False

Speculations of snap elections and defections in Perak quashed.

Police Report Lodged Against Najib for Sharing ‘Fake’ Nga Posting

A police report was lodged today against Najib Abdul Razak for sharing an allegedly fake online posting concerning Nga Kor Ming.

Selangor Sultan’s Aide Files Police Report on Viral Protest Post

The police have received a report on a posting by the ‘Nga Kor Ming Super Fans Page’ on Facebook, which has allegedly insulted Sultan of Selangor.

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