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Anwar: Where were you when petition filed?

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim slammed the opposition who claimed ignorance over the constitutional challenge to the Kelantan Syariah law filed by a...

Petition on Najib’s royal pardon: 140,000 oppose, 9,400 support

Bersih’s petition would be one of the top signed petitions on Change.org if it reaches its target of 150,000.

Petition calling for GPS to reject pact with PN garnered over...

A petition calling for Christian MPs from GPS to reject any collaboration with PN to form the next government has garnered over 23,400 signatures as at 9.45pm.

Rafizi launches petition against holding GE15 during monsoon season

Rafizi Ramli has launched a petition against holding the general election during this year’s monsoon season.

Bersih launches petition asking King to deny Najib royal pardon

An online petition addressed to Istana Negara requesting the Agong reject any opportunity to pardon Najib was launched today.

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