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Fahmi: PKR may take legal action against former members who betrayed...

legal action against PKR traitors

PKR dismisses “PH to make sacrifices in Selangor” claim

PH has dismissed the claim that PKR and DAP will be "sacrificing" safe seats in Selangor in favour of BN.

PKR, DAP to give up some seats to BN in upcoming...

PH coalition in Selangor, Penang, and Negri Sembilan is likely to make some concessions to BN in the coming state elections.

PKR seeking RM10m from Zuraida for breach of bond

Zuraida Kamaruddin signed a party bond without any force or pressure.

Anwar: I am open to questions on political funds for PKR

Anwar Ibrahim said he was open to any investigation on political funding received or given to PKR.

PKR lodges police report against Muhyiddin over persecution claim

An aide to Anwar Ibrahim has lodged a police report against Muhyiddin Yassin.

Rafizi: PKR to file election petition against Muhyiddin over ‘shocking Christianisation’...

Election petition to nullify any GE15 victory in Pagoh over Muhyiddin’s claim.

Give us a better candidate, PKR

The coming GE15 serves as a golden opportunity for PH to reclaim Putrajaya and they should ensure they are well prepared to ready to take on any challenges.

Rafizi: PKR may reconsider Sg Buloh candidate after KJ named as...

There is a likelihood that PKR will change its candidate to contest for the Sg Buloh parliamentary seat.

Rafizi: PKR ready to take on frogs

The real contest in GE15 is on which parties will emerge strong enough to form a government that benefits the people.

PKR, Amanah using PH emblem in Sarawak, DAP sticks with own...

Sarawak PKR and Amanah will be using the PH logo in GE15, though DAP will be sticking with its own emblem.

Anwar: PKR will go all out to win back seats lost...

PKR will go all out to win back the parliamentary seats that was lost when the elected representatives left the party.

Muda ready to address PKR concerns

PKR uneasy over Muda partnership after Larkin defeat.

PKR starts #AyuhMalaysia truck campaign to prepare for GE15

PKR will kick off its #AyuhMalaysia truck campaign tomorrow to prepare for GE15.

Dennis Ignatius: Can Rafizi save PKR?

The dynamic between Rafizi and Anwar is going to be critical.

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